Roger Stone and Newsmax hosts float January 6 conspiracy theory involving the Secret Service

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Citation From the June 22, 2021, edition of Newsmax's American Agenda

ROGER STONE (GUEST): Unfortunately, that's not a new video. It has been out in public since February 20, and it proves absolutely nothing. A columnist from the LA Times claims that there is a federal investigation into me based on that video. But ABC News reported there was a federal investigation into me and Alex Jones on the basis of our just being in Washington on February 20. So this is recycled news. You see, I've become clickbait for the left. Let me say this as categorically as I can. Any claim, assertion, implication, or otherwise any accusation that I either knew about or was involved in any of the illegal acts in Washington, D.C., on January 6 is categorically false. There is no evidence, to the contrary, and an honest investigation will prove that. It is also not possible for any other person to claim otherwise without corroboration, because it is a lie. I'm not sure how more specific I can be.


BOB SELLERS (CO-HOST): Hey Roger did you -- on January 6, did you go in the building?

STONE: I would never -- I never even left the grounds of the Willard Hotel. I came out in front of the hotel in the morning for a brief period to stretch my legs. You can watch the entire video. A number of patriots come up and ask for selfies or tell me that they're praying for me. But no, I was not even on the Capitol. I do find it odd that shortly after the president's speech, the Secret Service contacted someone who worked for me by phone and told me that they wanted to escort me to the Capitol. I declined. I was not --

SELLERS: What do you think that was about? When you say that -- was there something about that that sounded fishy?

STONE: Well, I've worked for three American presidents. The Secret Service does not do political chores. The Secret Service does not perform logistical tasks. I find it rather suspicious, to be honest with you.

HEATHER CHILDERS (CO-HOST): It's suspicious what way? Do you believe that perhaps insiders -- I'm trying to figure out how to word this -- within the Secret Service or the CIA or other organizations were involved nefariously?

STONE: Look, I don't want to make that claim because I don't know it. But understanding how the Secret Service works, obviously the implication is that this is something the president wanted. I'm sorry, I declined. I was with Pastor Mark Burns and Rev. Randy Coggins in my suite, watching the whole thing unfold on television.