Rachel Maddow Highlights How Roger Stone Ally Robert Morrow Became Head Of GOP In Travis County, Texas

From the March 2 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show:

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RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): Austin is a great place, it is a liberal place. Keep Austin weird, right? And that's part of why I think it was a shock today in Austin, and maybe even in the rest of Travis County, Texas, when they woke up this morning and realized who Travis County Republicans had just elected as their new party chair. 


That's the new head of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas, who was just elected last night. And he spent his election night promoting his book, with a series of tweets that are not necessarily showable on basic cable. I'm going to try. You may want to hide the children and also forgive me. This one started with the bush family deserving prison and ended, “Rick Perry is, was, a rampaging bisexual adulterer.” This one, I'm still trying to decide whether I can read this one about Hillary Clinton. Yeah. I can't read that. Okay. This next one, this one's about presidential timber, by which I do not mean lumber. This is a guy who will now be in charge of the Republican Party in the part of Texas where the governor lives, in the state capital. And local Republicans are not just seeing this as, you know, doing their part to keep Austin weird. Local Republicans are sort of losing their minds over what has just happened. Quote, “We have someone who ran here, who absolutely has no intention of serving the Republican Party with leadership and faithfulness. He is a total disaster.” “I will not rest until we remove him as chairman. He's going to be an absolute embarrassment to the party.” Sometimes that happens in politics, right? And yeah, so sometimes that happens in politics, right? The establishment of a particular party wants a particular person and instead you get some fringe guy selling his conspiracy theories book and tweeting about presidential timber. Right. It happens. Sometimes. Sometimes an unexpected political rise comes with a bunch of other stuff the party would prefer not to have tagging along.


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