Fox Regular Roger Stone On Fox Personalities: “Nice Set Of Cans,” “Know-It-All Negro,” “Mandingo”

After CNN Ban, Will Stone Address His Attacks On Fox Figures On Hannity Tonight?

Fox News and Fox Business have frequently hosted Donald Trump ally Roger Stone despite his history of disgusting attacks against Fox personalities. CNN recently banned Stone from its airwaves after similar diatribes against its staff. 

Stone has called Fox News contributor Allen West an “arrogant know-it-all negro,” mocked contributor Charles Krauthammer -- who was paralyzed in a diving accident when he was in medical school -- by telling him to “stand the fuck up,” suggested he wants “to bash Bill O'Reilly's head in,” called contributor Herman Cain “Mandingo,” and said anchor Megyn Kelly has a “nice set of cans.” 

Stone is a notorious “dirty trickster” who recently co-authored The Clintons' War on Women. The 2015 book is dedicated to -- and cites research from -- a Holocaust denier who blames a “Jewish plot” for the 9/11 attacks. Stone's history includes forming an anti-Hillary Clinton group named “C.U.N.T.” during the 2008 election.

Stone worked for Trump's presidential campaign last year and is now organizing against Clinton's campaign again. He is a frequent presence in the media because of his long ties to Trump; their friendship and professional relationship goes back decades.

CNN announced on February 23 that it would stop hosting Stone after he wrote a series of incendiary tweets targeting CNN personalities. Stone's attacks included calling one then-analyst a “stupid negro,” a “fat negro,” and a “token,” and a current analyst an “Entitled Diva Bitch,” a “pompous shithead,” and “Borderline retarded” (among other attacks).  

Stone has been a favorite guest on Fox News and Fox Business. He has appeared on the two networks seven times in February alone, according to a Nexis and search. In recent weeks, Stone has appeared on The Kelly File (Fox News: 2/192/102/1), Hannity (Fox News: 2/10), Lou Dobbs Tonight (Fox Business: 2/9), and After the Bell (Fox Business: 2/222/17). 

According to, Stone is scheduled to appear on Hannity tonight.

Stone has repeatedly leveled vitriol at Fox News personalities, both before and after they began working at Fox: 

After Stone attacked political analysts Ana Navarro and Roland Martin as “quota hires” by CNN, Fox News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera tweeted at him, “when I see you around Fox News I'm going to kick your racist ass punk.” Stone replied: “Bring it. You began the name calling.”