Dan Bongino: The Stone indictment “proves” that there is “zero evidence” of Russian collusion 

Bongino: “I think Bob Mueller is doing the country an enormous disservice right now.”

From the January 28 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Dan, you look at these players. If you talk to Corey Lewandowski, you talk to Dave Bossie, you read Chris Christie's book. You see that the people that were making the decisions, that were close to the president, are none of the people that were really -- are in trouble right now. So they never dealt with Roger Stone; they never dealt with the Rick Gates. Paul Manafort was in and he was out. His problem was the baggage he brought that no one even really knew about. So, I'm wondering, is the method to Robert Mueller's roll-out we're building to a crescendo or pick these people up as I see them along the way? Like what is the method to the rollout that we're seeing? 

DAN BONGINO (FORMER NRATV HOST): You know, Brian, I think Bob Mueller is doing the country an enormous disservice right now. Now I think everyone on the panel, I don't want to speak for any of you, but I think we can agree Andy McCarthy is one of the more sober, reasonable legal analysts out there. He is in nobody's pocket. He has a piece in National Review that's terrific that says it's time to end this charade. Yes, we found crimes, no question. But Manafort has pled guilty to them, they're not allegations anymore. But the problem is we were all told that Mueller was investigating some grand collusion conspiracy with the Russians, of which it is not in dispute anymore, there is to this day zero evidence any of that happened and the Stone indictment, at this point, proves it. Can we just move on and indicate what you just said, Brian? Some people were involved in some shady stuff, some admitted criminality, it had nothing to do with the Russians, very little, if anything to do with Trump other than the fact that he intersected with some of these people. And can we finally move on? Mueller needs to tell the American people do you have collusion or not? And if not, it is time to move on. This has thrown a monkey wrench into the country's mechanics. 


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