CBS Evening News: Trump Ally Roger Stone Contacted Russian Hacker “At Least 16 Times During The 2016 Campaign”

Roger Stone: “That's Called Networking”

From the March 14 edition of CBS' CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley:

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ANTHONY MASON (GUEST HOST): The F.B.I. Is investigating whether the Trump campaign had improper contacts with Russians who wanted to meddle in the presidential election. Earlier this month, Roger Stone, a friend and former adviser to Mr. Trump, told our Jeff Pegues he had no contact with Russian hackers, including the mysterious Guccifer 2.0. But Stone's story has changed.

ROGER STONE: There is no collusion here.

JEFF PEGUES: Despite that claim, Roger Stone now admits that he was in contact with Guccifer 2.0, at least 16 times during the 2016 campaign. That Twitter handle released hacked information believed to be stolen from Democratic Party servers. It targeted Hillary Clinton and Democratic candidates in at least six states.

STONE: At the time I had my one and only communications with him --

PEGUES: You had more than just one contact with this person. You had. one two, at least three, between August 12 and September 9.

STONE: Right. I-- I would refer to it as an exchange.

PEGUES: That exchange appears to have started after Guccifer's first account was suspended, and then reactivated in mid-August. “Delighted you are reinstated,” Stone wrote. Guccifer responded, “Do you find anything interesting in the docs I posted? A day later, according to these texts confirmed by Stone he asked Guccifer to retweet an article Stone had written. ”Please retweet how the election can be rigged against Donald Trump." Guccifer replied, done." And later on the same day, “Please tell me if I can help you anyhow.” Earlier this year, U.S. intelligence concluded that Guccifer's sites were a front for Russian military intelligence.

In a way, you're encouraging them to release more information.

STONE: Yeah, that's called networking. Remember, I have no idea that this gentleman is allegedly a Russian.

PEGUES: On Sunday, Arizona senator John McCain called for Stone to testify in upcoming hearings. Anthony, Stone defiantly told us that his response to that is “Game on.”


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