Riley Gaines urges Donald Trump to make excluding trans people from Title IX a “campaigning issue”

Gaines on Fox Business: “We need to see a new administration in the White House.”

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Citation From the April 24, 2024, edition of Fox Business' Varney & Company 

STUART VARNEY (HOST): The administration just released a set of changes to Title IX. The critics are out there, they say these new guidelines undermine decades of advancement for protections — decades of advancement and protection for women and girls, that's what they say. Riley Gaines joins me. Okay Riley, let's get straight at it, good to have you back again. What changed in Title IX and what does that mean for women's sports? 

RILEY GAINES (OUTKICK HOST): Good to see you, thank you so much for having me on Stuart. What the Biden administration has done is now —  of course Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prevented discrimination on the basis of sex. Keep in mind, when this was implemented in 1972, the legislation was only 37 words. The Biden administration has rewritten Title IX, equated sex with gender identity, in a 1,577 page proposal. By equating sex and gender identity, now this means that men would have full access to bathrooms, locker rooms, changing spaces on college campuses. Men would take academic and athletic scholarships away from women. Men have the potential to be housed in dorm rooms with women. Your speech is now compelled whether you are faculty, a professor, a student, you are now required to use preferred pronouns and if you don't, or if you —  a 17-year-old girl who is randomly housed with a male in your dorm room —  if you go to your administration and express your discomfort with this, under this new rewrite, you would be guilty and charged with sexual harassment. Not the man parading around your locker room — no, to President Biden that's considered brave or stunning or inspiring or whatever other virtuous word he wants to use —  but you calling a spade a spade is grounds for sexual harassment. 

VARNEY: You know, Riley, it's very hard to believe this is going on in America today. It's just hard to believe. 


GAINES: We need to see a new administration in the White House. This is a public call to President Trump to make it a campaigning issue to promise to reverse course on what the Biden administration has done and ultimately, to implement Title IX by its original intent.