Richard Cohen reinvents the recent past

Looking back on the Democratic primary, the WaPo columnist is suddenly amazed at all the negative things that were said about Hillary Clinton in the press. Just amazed:

Remember when Clinton had no integrity, no character, when she lied about almost everything and could be trusted about almost nothing? ...That was a calumny, a libel and a ferocious mugging of memory itself. But it was believed.

But we're puzzled. Why is it hard to believe it, when back during the primaries Cohen himself was writing it. From his June 3rd column:

I loathe also what Hillary Clinton has done to herself. The incessant exaggerations, the cheap shots, the flights into hallucinatory history -- that sniper fire in Bosnia, for instance -- have turned her into a caricature of what her caricaturists long claimed she already was. In this campaign, Clinton has managed to come across as a hungry hack, a Janus looking both forward and backward and seeming to stand for nothing except winning. This, too, is sad.