"Treason": Right-Wing Media Lament Historic Deal To Curb Iran's Nuclear Program


Conservative media figures bombarded Twitter with accusations that President Obama committed "treason" and had capitulated to terrorists by reaching a deal with Iran to halt the country's nuclear armament.

Obama Announces Historic Nuclear Deal With Iran

U.S. Reaches Deal With Iran To Curb Its Nuclear Capability. U.S. and international negotiators reached a deal with Iran on July 14 that will "limit Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief [to] ensure Iran has no possibility to achieve rapid nuclear weapons 'breakout' capabilities for at least the next decade," The Washington Post explained:

A senior Obama administration official said that, until Iranian compliance is verified, an 18-month old interim agreement restricting Iran's activities, and sanctions, will remain in place.

The overall scope seeks to put Iran at least one year away from nuclear weapons "breakout" levels -- the time it would take to produce enough fissile material for one nuclear bomb -- if Tehran decided to shun the accord and strike out on its own.

Iran insists does not want an atomic arsenal and wants the capability to produce nuclear fuel to power reactors for energy and medical applications.

Achievement of an agreement ends one phase of more than 18 months of negotiations between Iran and world powers, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union. [The Washington Post, 7/14/15]

Right-Wing Media Accuse Obama Of "Treason," "Capitulation" To Terrorists

Matthew Vadum: "Treason. Obama Will Forever Live In Infamy Among America's Enemies." Right-wing author Matthew Vadum accused Obama of "treason" over the deal, saying that "Obama will forever live in infamy among America's enemies:"

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15]

Mark Levin: Deal Is A "Horrendous Capitulation To The Terrorist Regime." Right-wing radio host Mark Levin accused Obama of "horrendous capitulation to the terorrist regime in Iran today" and used the deal to promote his book:

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15]

Bill Kristol: "This Deal Is Built On Capitulation." Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tweeted that "this deal is built on capitulation" and is a "great deal for the IRGC:"

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15, 7/14/15]

Ben Shapiro: Nuclear Deal Marks Obama Administration With "Innocent Blood On Its Hands." Breitbart.com editor-at-large Ben Shapiro tweeted of the deal:

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15]

John Bolton: Deal To Curb Nuclear Program Is "An Absolute Disaster." Fox News contributor John Bolton blasted the nuclear agreement as a"diplomatic waterloo" that will "pave the way for a #NuclearIran." Earlier, he labeled the deal "an absolute disaster:"

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15, 7/14/15]

Jim Geraghty: "Iran Greets Deal With" Nuclear Weapons As Fireworks. National Review contributing editor Jim Geraghty tweeted a photo of a nuclear explosion with the caption, "Iran Greets Deal With Spectacular Fireworks Display."

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15]

MRC's Dan Gainor: Iran Deal Proves We Shouldn't Have Elected "A Cowardly Anti-American To Be President." Media Research Center's Dan Gainor tweeted:

[Twitter.com, 7/14/15]

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