Right-Wing Media Attack Obama Over Gaza Conflict, Despite Praise From Israeli Officials


Right-wing media are attempting to portray President Obama as anti-Israel and pro-Hamas in light of the conflict between Israel and Gaza, ignoring recent public praise of the Obama administration from Israeli officials.

Right-Wing Media Attack Obama As Anti-Israel And Pro-Hamas

Hannity: Standing "Arm-In-Arm" With Israel Is Not Something Obama Is "Ideologically Prepared To Do." During his November 20 radio program, Fox host Sean Hannity suggested that President Obama wasn't "prepared" to stand with Israel during its current conflict with Hamas. From the program:

HANNITY: Look, I'm going to say this and people aren't going to like it: I frankly hope the ceasefire is not put into effect unless there is a fundamental change in the attitude and the outlook of Hamas. Because the problem for Israel now is as these weapons get longer range and more lethal, there's going to be a lot more death. Israel shouldn't - use this as an opportunity - who cares what the UN thinks, who cares what the world thinks? They've got to protect themselves at this point and it's getting more dangerous by the day.

And if Hamas doesn't change its charter, I wouldn't stop, and unless and until they change their charter, and show a willingness to have real peace and give up their weapons, I don't think the Israelis have any choice. At this point, their very extinction is in fact a reality, especially as Iran gets closer and closer to nuclear weapons.

This is an extremely vulnerable time for Israel, I mean the Arab World is growing increasingly more militant, more dangerous, the weaponry more sophisticated, and frankly it's why Israel needs the US more than ever to stand by her side, arm in arm, in solidarity, and I don't see President Obama doing that; it's not something that Obama is by temperament and ideologically prepared to do. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show, 11/20/12, emphasis added]

Fox Nation: "FLASHBACK: Obama Sends $147M To Gaza." In a November 20 post, Fox Nation highlighted a Breitbart.com post from April 2012 that criticized Obama for sending funds to Gaza for humanitarian purposes. [Fox Nation, 11/20/12]

Breitbart.com: Hamas Has "A Friend In The White House." In a November 14 post to Breitbart.com, Ben Shapiro suggested that Obama's leadership during the current Israeli conflict could worsen the situation. From the post:

The question now is whether the Obama administration will be able to prevent Egypt from attempting overt or covert intervention on behalf of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. If the United States leads from behind - or worse, if they show daylight with Israel - Israel's security will be in grave danger. Even as dozens of rockets are fired at Israel, the Obama administration has yet to say anything. The Obama administration, by contrast, couldn't shut up about a YouTube video even as Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi. And Obama continues to tout the Arab Spring as an awakening for freedom and liberty rather than for Islamism.

No wonder Israel's neighbors in the north (Syria) and south (Gaza and Egypt) are getting aggressive. They have a friend in the White House. [Breitbart.com, 11/14/12]

But Israeli Officials Have Thanked Obama, U.S. For Assistance And Support During Gaza Conflict

Israeli PM Netanyahu: I Want To Thank Obama, Clinton, "The American Government And People For Their Strong Support." On November 20, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered remarks alongside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the Israeli conflict with Hamas. Netanyahu said:

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: I want to welcome Secretary Clinton once again to Jerusalem. I want to thank President Obama, you, and the American Government and people for their strong support for Israel in this hour of need. I want to also thank you especially for your support of Iron Dome that's been saving lives, and we are in a battle to save lives. [State.gov, 11/20/12, emphasis original]

Netanyahu Spokesperson: "We're Very Thankful For The American Support... We Thank The Americans."  On CNN's Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Mark Regev, spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said: "We're very thankful for the American support on this. ... I don't know how many Israeli lives we would have lost without [the Iron Dome] anti-missile system, and we thank the Americans. It's a useful cooperative venture, and it's been very successful." [CNN, The Situation Room, 11/20/12]

Former Netanyahu Chief Of Staff: "I'm Happy That President Obama Supports Us." On Fox News' America's Newsroom, co-host Bill Hemmer interviewed Naftali Bennett, the former chief of staff for Netanyahu, who said: "I'm happy that President Obama supports us and is supporting the right side of this conflict, because there is right and wrong." [Fox News, America's Newsroom, 11/20/12]

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat: "I Want To Thank the US of A ... The U.S. Administration And The U.S. People." On Fox News' America Live, Megyn Kelly hosted Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to discuss the Gaza conflict. During the interview, he thanked the American people and the Obama administration for their continued support:

BARKAT: And I want to thank the U.S. of A for its help, helping us defend ourselves. I think Israelis are very gratified -- really want to help and thank the U.S. administration and the U.S. people for such a support you're giving us. Thank you. [Fox News, America Live, 11/20/12]

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