This Is Why People In Wisconsin Don't Like Fox


During a report from Madison, Wisconsin on the recall election of Governor Scott Walker, Fox's Neil Cavuto said to Fox Business' Don Imus that "some people don't like" Fox, adding: "I don't know why." Of course, people in Wisconsin have ample reason not to like Fox; the network has pushed a litany of falsehoods and distortions while covering both the Wisconsin recall effort and the state's pro-labor protests.

Fox's Cavuto Doesn't "Know Why" "Some People Don't Like" Fox

Cavuto Tells Imus: "Some People Don't Like Us; I Don't Know Why." From the June 5 edition of Fox Business' Imus in the Morning:

NEIL CAVUTO (Fox News host): Ironically enough, with overall union members in this state, [Walker] remains, oddly enough, a popular figure, much like Chris Christie in New Jersey. So with the union leadership and some of the passionate, outside Wisconsin state operatives, it's very, very different.

DON IMUS (host): Where are you, Neil? I hear a horn honk.

CAVUTO: I'm in Madison, Wisconsin.

IMUS: No, I know that. But I mean --

CAVUTO: Oh man, oh man. There's a lot of that, a lot of that. No, seriously. But I mean, there's a lot of that, and when they see Fox News here or me here -- I mean there's a -- some people don't like us; I don't know why. [Fox Business, Imus in the Morning, 6/5/12, via Media Matters]

Fox Lies While Covering Wisconsin Recall Effort And Pro-Labor Protests

Fox Spun Walker's "Worst In The Nation" Jobs Record On Eve Of Recall. [Media Matters, 6/5/12]

Fox Repeated Bogus Claim That Walker's Job Numbers Have Been "Confirmed" By Government. [Media Matters, 6/5/12]

Fox Falsely Claimed Walker Is "Actually Doing What He Campaigned On." [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Distorted Former NEA Official's Comments To Suggest He Doesn't "Care About The Children." [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Advanced Misleading Apples-To-Oranges Comparison Of Public And Private Pay. [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Forced To Correct False Claim That "61 Percent" Of Americans Favored Taking Away Bargaining Rights. [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Used Dubious Rasmussen Poll To Claim Public Backs Walker, Not Unions. [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Falsely Suggested State Budget Shortfalls Were The Result Of Public Union Collective Bargaining. [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Repeatedly Concealed Key Details About Guests Criticizing Wisconsin Protesters. [Media Matters, 3/2/11]

Fox Falsely Blamed Public Unions For Wisconsin's Budget Shortfall. [Media Matters, 3/15/11]

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