"Hold It Up, I've Got To See That Gun": Eric Bolling's Bizarre Gun Antics

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Fox host Eric Bolling frequently allows his programs to degenerate into gun-related antics. In the last month alone, he has repeatedly urged guests to brandish firearms on-air, defended a gun club that allows families to take pictures with Santa and assault weapons, posed with a sign depicting a handgun and the phrase, "Obama's War On Christmas," and on at least seven occasions referenced taking his 13-year-old shooting.

Bolling's Guests Pull Out "Fantastic" And "Concealable" Guns On-Air

Bolling: "Tell Me About What You Brought, You Brought A Couple Of Guns With You." On the December 21 edition of Fox Business' Follow The Money, Bolling began a discussion of concealed carry laws by saying to Rich Wyatt, Gunsmoke gun shop owner and subject of of Discovery Channel's American Guns, "Tell me about what you brought, you brought a couple of guns with you, didn't you?" Wyatt pulled out a gun, saying, "you know, I brought a Colt 1911 .45," which he then cocked on-air. He then pulled out a second gun, which he described as "another little five-shot .38 revolver here, this is Smith and Wesson." He described the second handgun as "a great gun for anybody to carry" because it is "concealable."

Later in the segment, radio host Lars Larson brandished his own pistol on-air, saying "don't leave home without it." Bolling responded by laughing.

Bolling and Wyatt


[Fox News, Follow The Money, 12/21/11]

Bolling: "Hold It Up. Hold It Up. I've Got To See That Gun." On the December 16 edition of Follow The Money, Bolling hosted Rich Wyatt and his wife Renee to discuss gun sales. During the segment, Bolling repeatedly urged his guests to pull out their guns [[and brandish them]] for the camera. From Follow The Money:

BOLLING: You brought a couple of guns with you. Any of the guns that we pointed out earlier?

RICH WYATT: Yeah, we've got the 1911 pistol, this is a Colt, and that's the pistol that one of your guys says he's got. Of course, that makes him a good guy because anybody who is a good guy would carry that 1911 pistol.

RENEE WYATT: It's a great pistol.

BOLLING: I like that gun. Tell me about that gun.

RICH WYATT: It's a hundred years old this year which is fantastic. It's, you know, it's been around for a while, it's got some history. In all of our military conflicts --

BOLLING: Hold it up. Hold it up. I've got to see that gun. Hold it up when you talk -- there you go.

RENEE WYATT: We all carry that.

RICH WYATT: In all of our military conflicts, this is the gun that people carry. And we even made a pink one on the show, because my wife talked me into it. I don't care a pink one, but some people said maybe I should.

RENEE WYATT: Sometimes he carries it.

BOLLING: OK. What about the -- they want to know what does that say about the gentleman who carries that gun?

RICH WYATT: Well, I guess he's pretty confident in his manlihood.

RENEE WYATT: It's a great gun and women carry it, too, so don't let that fool you.

BOLLING: All right. All right. Do you have any other guns with you, by any chance?

RICH WYATT: Renee's got a .38, somebody down there had a .38 [unintelligible] -- a .38 revolver.

BOLLING: Well, let me see that. Hold that one up. Hold that one up, Renee. I want to see that gun. Now --

RENEE WYATT: That's a small gun that I carry all the time. You can put it in your purse or wear it on your ankle.

RICH WYATT: The important gun is the gun you have with you. It doesn't matter what gun you have at home, it's what gun you've got on your side that makes a difference when you're talking about your self defense.

BOLLING: Man, I love shooting guns. We do -- they do that just about every weekend. So, tell us that gun sales are strong right now, right?

Wyatts with guns

wyatts with guns

[Fox News, Follow The Money, 12/16/11]

Bolling Encourages Gun Shop Manager To Hawk His Wares On-Air. On the December 5 edition of his Fox Business show, Bolling discussed gun sales figures with Tom Hitzor, general manager of MC Sports in Springfield, MO, who was on location in the stores gun department. Bolling repeatedly asked Hitzor to display the guns they sell and discuss price information, including for assault weapons. From Follow The Money:

TOM HITZOR, GENERAL MANAGER, MC SPORTS: We saw just an array of everything. And it was - our sales were up overall for black Friday. There is only one thing. We sold a lot of hobby guns that the most of the gun rifles and all the World War I and World War II rifles are bestsellers, hunting rifles and then some handguns that are for home protections. So, we have a couple of the regular shotgun. We carry all the top brands. So, it was really everything. So, one of the more rare guns, don't sell as many of these but it is something that a lot of people what to see.

BOLLING: What is it? What is it? What's the rare gun? Tell me about it.

HITZOR: This is Romanian. It's basically an AK-47. We don't keep too many in stock, don't sell too many of them. But it is one that's catches eye.

BOLLING: How much?

HITZOR: This one is at 479 and 459.

BOLLING: OK. Go ahead. Keep going.

HITZOR: And then we have a handgun that is one of our best sellers, mostly the target guns, just a 22 but this shows an array of everything that we do have. And nobody was looking for any one thing.


BOLLING: Any specific ammunition going hot? I mean, I was surprised -- my friends, again he started this range in suburb of New Jersey. Tell me the prices for ammunitions. You had no idea. Ammunition is not cheap. Is it?

HITZOR: No, it is not. It is definitely not. And people are always trying to find a good deal but you -- you will find it the same everywhere.

BOLLING: Well, give us a sense how much it is of box for the 45 caliber round?

HITZOR: I got to say, roughly around 20 or $25 a box.

BOLLING: Right. Right. That's exactly what we were paying. We pay $27 for a box of 45 caliber rounds. And man, there's a huge (inaudible). So, ammos sales are up. Guns sales are up. Do think this is an aberration year? Are you guys, expecting this to go on?

HITZOR: I could not even tell you. We definitely had this big kick and from last Friday year that took a big jump but we sell pretty consistently all the time. I don't know if it will continue we will see.

BOLLING: Alright. Tom, you got a nine millimeter there? You can hold it up?

HITZOR: I do. I don't have it all there. They are going to be right over here to my right down here.

BOLLING: Hold up sell some things. You have 45 caliber, there?

HITZOR: This is just the 22-caliber pro.


HITZOR: We just got all the couple of them here. This is a 22.

[Fox News, Follow The Money, 12/5/11, accessed from Nexis]

Bolling Defends Gun Club Where Families Take Pictures With Santa, Assault Weapons

Bolling: "I Can't Believe" Andrea Tantaros Is Criticizing The Pictures Of Families, Santa, And Guns. On the November 29 edition of Fox News' The Five, Bolling repeatedly criticized conservative commentator Andrea Tantaros for Criticizing a Scottsdale, Arizona, gun club where families can get their pictures taken with Santa Claus and assault weapons. From The Five:

TANTAROS: All right. When you think of Christmas, you think of reindeer and elves and snow and Christmas trees. When you think of Santa, do you think of machine guns?

Well, they do in Scottsdale, Arizona, where you can get your picture taken at the Scottsdale gun club with not just Santa, but, yes, AK-47s and your entire family.

Now, this idea is getting a lot of controversy. Greg is giving it's a thumbs-up. But I will tell you, one of the pictures we couldn't run showed a family with guns. And I'm very pro-gun. But --

BOLLING: What do you mean you can't run it?

BECKEL: Those are bazookas.

TANTAROS: We can run the one picture, in the picture on the screen.

BOLLING: So what?

TANTAROS: They're posing with the cameras, because they have children in them.

BOLLING: So what.

TANTAROS: There's little kids, and one husband has the gun pointed at his wife's head and she's laughing.

BOLLING: I can't believe you're saying this.

BECKEL: Eric --

BOLLING: I'm shocked you're saying this.

BECKEL: Listen --

TANTAROS: Hold on. You should not be joking about guns with little kids and pointing them at your wife's head.

[Fox News, The Five, 11/29/11, from Nexis]

Bolling Poses In Santa Hat With Sign Depicting Gun, Phrase "Obama's War On Christmas."

Bolling Defends Sign From Criticism: "Gun Does Not Equal Violence." On the November 30 edition of The Five, Bolling criticized the purported attacks on Christmas while wearing a Santa hat and sitting next to a Christmas tree featuring a sign depicting a handgun and the phrase, "Obama's War On Christmas." During the segment, he has this exchange with liberal commentator Bob Beckel:

BOLLING: By the way, it's not, Bob, it's not an X-M-A-S tree, it's a Christmas tree, with C-H-R-I -- Keep Christ in Christmas. Thank you.

BECKEL: Excuse me. Well you've got a gun on a Christmas tree. I should keep Christ in Christmas? Good. Why don't you keep the NRA --

BOLLING: What's that got to do with it? Bob, again, just because gun does not equal violence. Stop it.

BECKEL: Why don't you go buy everybody a gun? Just to make it happy. Make yourself happy.

[Fox News, The Five, 11/30/11]

Bolling Can't Stop Talking About Taking His Son Shooting

Bolling Has Mentioned Trips To Range With His Son At Least Seven Times This Month. On the November 21 edition of Follow The Money, Bolling said:

Gun sales are up, Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker made it easier to get concealed carry permit and sales have shot up in that state as much as 25 percent. So, I did a little celebrating with my son, Eric Chase at the RTSP shooting range in Randolph Township, New Jersey. Take a listen to what democracy sounds like.

Since then, Bolling has discussed taking his son to the shooting range on the November 24 edition of The Five and the November 29, November 30, December 5, December 16, and December 19 editions of Follow the Money. He has also repeatedly aired video of his son shooting at the range.

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