Fox Falsely Dubs Alleged White House Attacker As "'Occupy' Shooter"


Fox & Friends claimed that alleged White House shooter Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez had been "tied to [the] Occupy" movement, even calling him the " 'Occupy' shooter." In fact, investigators have reportedly "found no connection between him and the Occupy protesters."

Fox & Friends Dubs Ortega-Hernandez The "'Occupy' Shooter"

Fox & Friends Graphic Claims Shooter "Tied To Occupy" Movement. During the November 17 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson asked Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin: "It looks like this White House shooting suspect may have tried to blend in with the Occupy protesters in D.C. when he came from out West. So I pose this question to you this morning: What would have happened if a tea party person had tried to do that?" Malkin responded that "there is now conflicting testimony or evidence of whether he was in the Occupy D.C. camp, but apparently, reportedly, allegedly there is somebody within that movement who has confirmed that he was there at the camps." Malkin later noted that "the guy was just completely off his rocker and had nothing to do with any coherent sense of political ideology." But during the segment, onscreen text continued to tie Ortega-Hernandez to the Occupy D.C. movement:




[Fox News, Fox & Friends, 11/17/11]

In Fact, Investigators Have Reportedly Found "No Connection" Between Ortega-Hernandez And Occupy D.C.

Washington Post: Investigators "Have Found No Connection Between [Ortega-Hernandez] And The Occupy Protesters." From a November 16 Washington Post article:

In trying to determine why he recently traveled to the nation's capital from the western part of the country, investigators searched the Occupy D.C. campground near the White House but have found no connection between him and the Occupy protesters, according to three law enforcement officials familiar with the case.

One of the officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing, said the motive for the gunfire might have been simple anger: Ortega-Hernandez "hates the president, he hates Washington, he hates society," the official said. [The Washington Post, 11/16/11]

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