Fox Furthers Anti-Immigrant Agenda By Lobbing Softballs To AZ Gov. Brewer


Fox News has provided Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer with softball interviews to promote her book, including calling her a "strong hero" for "many Americans." Fox's promotion of Brewer falls in line with its history of promoting anti-immigrant legislation -- such as the controversial law Brewer signed in Arizona -- and hosting mostly anti-immigrant guests to discuss immigration issues.

Fox Calls Brewer "A Strong Hero" For "Many Americans"

Fox's Johnson: "For Many Americans, You Became A Strong Hero." On the November 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson began an interview with Brewer by stating, "She said that if the federal government wasn't going to protect the border, then Arizona would do it themselves." Later during the interview, guest host Peter Johnson Jr. told Brewer: "For many Americans, you became a strong hero. A forthright American governor, a woman who was speaking out on an issue that really drew the scorn of the White House and some of the people on the left side of the political spectrum in America." Johnson further claimed that Brewer was "demonized, as a result, and Arizona -- the people of Arizona -- were demonized for what they were trying to do to repair what the federal government hadn't done." [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 11/1/11, via Media Matters]

Van Susteren Hosts Brewer, Promotes Her "Ongoing Fight To Get The Obama Administration To Tighten Border Security." On the October 31 edition of Fox News' On the Record, host Greta Van Susteren hosted Brewer to promote her new book. During the interview, Van Susteren promoted Brewer's "ongoing fight to get the Obama administration to tighten border security" and a recent "huge drug bust in Arizona." From On the Record:

VAN SUSTEREN: A billion-dollar drug ring busted. The feds team up with Arizona authorities to crack a massive trafficking operation. They say it was tied to Mexico's most powerful cartel, and that the cartel was smuggling drugs right through Arizona's desert. Now as you know, Arizona's governor, Jan Brewer, has been waging an ongoing fight to get the Obama administration to tighten border security.


VAN SUSTEREN: But I guess to sort of jump ahead to today, big news about a huge drug bust in Arizona -- huge. I mean, millions and millions of dollars.


VAN SUSTEREN: And I don't mean to -- there are several people who died. I don't mean to minimize their suffering and deaths, but she is obviously someone we all knew.

And here's the interesting part from the book. Page 193, when you talk about the Obama administration including Arizona in its report to the United Nations human rights council. And it looks like you are sort of -- your colleagues on that are Libya, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and China, and Arizona. What a combo.

BREWER: What a combo. And that was so outrageous. I mean, it's just almost unbelievable that they would try to ask those countries to judge us in Arizona about our human rights? Oh, please. That just -- that just really frosted me. You know, are you kidding me?

VAN SUSTEREN: It's extraordinary. [Fox News, On the Record, 10/31/11]

Fox Has Repeatedly Promoted Brewer And Her Controversial Immigration Law

Fox Repeatedly Promoted Brewer's Anti-Immigrant Law. Fox News has repeatedly promoted S.B. 1070, Arizona's controversial anti-immigration law. Fox figures claimed the law "requires police responding to potential crimes to ask for proof of citizenship if there is a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally." [Media Matters, 5/17/11]

For the truth about Fox's promotion and support of Arizona's SB 1070, SEE HERE.

In Weeks Following Passage Of S.B. 1070, Only One-Third Of Fox's Immigration Guests Were Pro-Immigrant. From the April 13, 2010, passage of S.B. 1070 through April 30, 2010, Fox hosted 156 guests to discuss immigration policy. Eighty-four were anti-immigrant (53 percent), compared to 51 who were pro-immigrant (33 percent). [Media Matters, 10/27/11]

Fox Promoted Brewer's Claim That The Federal Government Failed By "Not Doing Its Job" On Border Security. In February, Fox News repeatedly promoted Brewer's claim that the federal government has failed by "not doing its job" on border security and immigration. Fox News figures promoted Brewer's lawsuit against the federal government and hosted Brewer to attack the Obama administration. [Media Matters, 2/15/11]

For the truth about the Obama administration's record on border security, SEE HERE.

Fox Has A Long History Of Smearing Immigrants And Hosting Mostly Anti-Immigrant Guests To Discuss Immigration

Between April 2010 and June 2011, Fox Hosted Three Times As Many Anti-Immigrant Guests As Pro-Immigrant. Between April 2010 and June 2011, Fox hosted more than three times as many anti-immigrant guests as pro-immigrant. Further, no specific Fox show featured more than 31 percent pro-immigrant guests. [Media Matters, 10/27/11]

Fox Repeatedly Portrays Immigrants As Criminals. Fox's coverage of immigration issues consistently focuses on issues of border security, enforcement and crime, while largely ignoring issues of immigration policy including comprehensive immigration reform. [Media Matters, 10/27/11]

Fox Routinely Uses Inflammatory Rhetoric When Discussing Immigration. Fox hosts and guests routinely use inflammatory rhetoric when discussing immigration. For example, in 2010, Fox hosts and guests attacked the DREAM Act with a barrage of inflammatory rhetoric, including calling the legislation a "veritable nightmare" that could cause Americans to "lose the country." [Media Matters, 12/6/10]

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