Fox Host Bob Beckel Doubles As A Fox Critic


The Five co-host Bob Beckel, who frequently fills the slot of the show's sole liberal, has repeatedly corrected the false and misleading claims of his fellow co-hosts, as well as exposed Fox News' selective editorial policies.

Beckel Corrects His Co-Hosts' Misinformation

Beckel Corrects Misinformation On Clean Energy Loans, Calls For Editorial Fairness. From The Five:

ANDREA TANTAROS (co-host): Brian Darling of the Daily Mail in England summed this up beautifully. He calls it venture socialism. And it's true. I don't know what's more egregious, the fact that we paid, what, $250 million for one of these fancy cars? Or that Al Gore is an investor in this company and that one of the two cars went to Obama donor Leonardo DiCaprio --


TANTAROS: This is creating, Bob, a whole new class of people -- vice presidents, Hollywood celebrities to get special favors. It's cronyism.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (co-host): Go ahead, Bob.

BECKEL: Is this the best you all can do? OK, let me make a couple points here.

GUILFOYLE: No, not really. Go ahead.

BECKEL: One of the reasons they're doing it in Finland, and only temporarily, is because there's no facility in the United States that's able to produce this car. They wanted to do it in Delaware but they have to rehab it, which they're doing as we speak right now. By this time next year, that car will be brought to the United States, and there will be 5,000 jobs created. It will not be done in Finland.


GUILFOYLE: One quick full screen quote, because to be fair, the Department of Energy says that no loan money being spent in Finland. They say the fact is this, no DOE loan money is being spent there. The company's operations are supporting hundreds of suppliers and more than a dozen U.S. states, and the bulk of Fisker's loan is supporting their effort to build a manufacturing plant at closed GM facility in Delaware.


BECKEL: Can I suggest -- can I suggest in the future that when we do these anti-Obama stories, that we might want to put the facts like those up at the beginning of the discussion, as opposed to letting Eric put out bad facts?

ERIC BOLLING (co-host): What's factual about that B.S. statement?

BECKEL: Because they said the suppliers -- are you saying the suppliers are not from the United States? [Fox News, The Five, 10/21/11]

During Segment Attacking Climate Science, Beckel Says "Nobody Is Debating" Climate Science Other Than "Flat Earth People." From The Five:

GREG GUTFELD (co-host): U.N. Security Council is considering climate change peacekeeping. And they're having a meeting to discuss whether they should intervene in conflicts due to rising sea levels. They actually believe that, like, small island states are going to disappear because of climate change. And there are even people that are saying, and this is at the U.N., that climate change is worse than terrorism. Is that amazing, Eric?

BOLLING: The U.N. and tree-huggers are kind of like the Mickey Mouse Club for liberals so they feel better about themselves, meanwhile, at our taxpayer dime. That's the problem. Neither one work.


GUTFELD: How can you build an entire, uh, I don't know, a U.N. initiative on a science that everybody is debating anyway?

BECKEL: Nobody is debating. You flat earth people are debating it.

GUTFELD: Do you believe that small islands are disappearing?


GUTFELD: You do.


GUTFELD: Show me a small island that's disappeared.

BECKEL: Well, if it disappeared I couldn't show it to you, could I?

GUTFELD: Well done, my friend. Well played. You got me. [Fox News, The Five, 7/21/11]

Beckel Blasts Bolling For Hypocrisy, Tea Party Boosterism. From The Five:

GUTFELD: [The Tea Party] believes in the Constitution. The organizers of OWS, they want to change things. They don't like our system. They want to dismantle it. They are organized by AdBusters. And the Tea Parties, they don't rob each other at night. OWS does. These are all things. And then the worst part, I got to say, the media is acting as a PR team for "Occupy Wall Street." This is the same thing they did for Obama when he was running for president. They're doing it now.

GUILFOYLE: And they didn't do it for Tea Party.

GUTFELD: They did not.

BECKEL: They didn't do it for the Tea Party?

GUILFOYLE: No they didn't, they demonized them.

BECKEL: Are you kidding me? They made the Tea Party!

GUILFOYLE: What are you talking about? They were not supportive of the --

BECKEL: First of all, on your show, all you did was run about the Tea Party, if I remember right.

BOLLING: Because I happened to sign on smaller government --

BECKEL: I see. [Fox News, The Five, 10/19/11]

Beckel Pushes Back On Suggestion Obama Administration Ordered General To Change Testimony To Protect A Donor. From The Five:

BOLLING: Whether or not, the Solyndra thing is huge and we're going to talk about it. LightSquared, the issue isn't whether they should be using the technology, which by the way would dwarf the military's GPS system, which costs us, clearly, tens of billions of dollars. That's not the issue. The issue is that the White House asked a four-star general to change his testimony under oath, raise your hand, swear to God and change your testimony. This is awful. Terrible. Forget optics, this is just blatant, right?

GUILFOYLE: Right. This was General William Shelton. He's head of the Air Force Base Command, and he said this to House members in a classified briefing. It was earlier this month, that he was asked to do this, change testimony in favor of a large company funded by Phil Falcone, which is a huge Democratic donor.


BECKEL: But, anyway, look, let me try to explain something to you, you uninformed New Yorkers, if I could.

GUTFELD: You are such a bad man.

BECKEL: No, I'm not.

GUTFELD: You are.

BECKEL: I'm a sweet man. Everybody who gives testimony before Congress -- everybody -- submits that testimony to the Office of Management and Budget. Why? They want to be sure they're consistent with the administration policy.

In this case, they didn't try to force him. They didn't try to hammerlock him. They didn't say saying about donors. They asked him to put two issues in there that reflected the president's talk about broadcast -- broadband, rather. That's all he did.

He wasn't pressured to do anything except to make sure he followed the policy of the president of the United States. If not, then he should resign and not been there. But the point is that I have some suspicions about where this retired general is now. But leaving that aside, the fact is that you always get your testimony approved. And if it's not consistent, you're asked to change it, period. Now, if you learned something -- I hope you have. Good. Go home and have a good weekend.

BOLLING: I learned that the system is corrupt and broken. And that the White House can tell a four-star general how to testify? Look, what's the point of even testifying?

BECKEL: You find it inconsistent or it's somewhat corrupt that you coordinate your testimony for administration policy?

BOLLING: Yes, I find that absolutely corrupt. Not somewhat corrupt.

BECKEL: Oh, I see. I see. And you're out of Wall Street and you're telling me about corrupt?


GUILFOYLE: Let's talk about some of the facts, the evidence in this. And we've got a full screen and this is a quote, and this is from Office of Management and Budget. Staff member, an e-mail sent January 31st. And it says, quote, "The optics of a Solyndra default will be bad. The time willing likely coincide with the 2012 campaign season heating up." Bob?

BECKEL: No comment. As I said before, if you come up with some real evidence, let me know. [Fox News, The Five, 9/16/11, additional transcript via Nexis]

After The Five Plays Video Of Rapper Singing About Using Food Stamps At McDonalds, Beckel Reminds Co-Hosts That Most Food Stamp Users Are White. From The Five:

GUTFELD: "My EBT" is a new video by a rap artist, calling him Mr. EBT, or H-Man, it basically, it's a salute to food stamps. I think we have some tape.

[video clip]

GUTFELD: Gotta admit, it's catchy.

DANA PERINO (co-host): Well, I'm not a songwriter, but I could have probably come up with that.

BECKEL: That's really catchy. Can I just make a point here, just initially, and that is that more people in this country are white who get food stamps than blacks. But of course, this rapper is black, and that leaves an impression, and it's McDonald's. And I understand all how cute and the rest of it is. Most people use food stamps in this country to feed their families, and they do it legitimately. And once in a while, you'll find people making -- you know, using things like buying McDonald's, you know, or in Eric's case, buying Lamborghinis. [Fox News, The Five, 9/20/11]

Beckel Responds to Misinformation On Green Jobs: "Where Do You Guys Get These Statistics From?" From The Five:

TANTAROS: Look what it did to Europe, OK? In Spain, green jobs destroyed 2.2 jobs for every one green job. In Italy, the capital needed, for one green job, could have created five green jobs.

BECKEL: Where do you guys get these statistics from? Do you get them from Karl Rove? [Fox News, The Five, 8/19/11]

(Click here for the truth about the Spanish green jobs study.)

Beckel Criticizes Bolling For Turning Story Of Hurricane Into "An Obama Shot." From The Five:

BOLLING: Really, 65 million Americans may be dealt a devastating economic and maybe life-threatening blow, and that lefty arthropod thinks it might create or save a job.

Bob, an African government overthrown, the worst East Coast earthquake in decades, and now a potential American catastrophe -- and Obama's got to get the last round of golf in before he heads back to D.C.

BECKEL: I don't blame him. I would, too.

Listen, by the way, first thing, you haven't asked me how my stress test went.

BOLLING: How did your stress test go, Bob?

BECKEL: It went very well. I'm here to haunt you all for a long time.

GUILFOYLE: Congratulations.

BECKEL: Thank you very much.


BECKEL: Now, of course, leave it to you to turn this hurricane into an Obama shot. Let's talk about the person that deserves the real shot here, and that's one Eric Cantor, the majority leader of the House of Representatives from Virginia. And Mr. Cantor says ,as he did when there were tornadoes in Missouri, we can't pay for this, it can't be disaster relief fund. We got to find that money someplace else.

Now, Eric, let me tell you something, boy. When this stuff happens, people -- there is money set aside for disaster relief. You ought to keep your stinking hands off it, and it ought to go to people who deserve to have it. And about employment, you may make fun of that, but the fact is -- let me clue you in on something, after there's a disaster, there's always employment.

BOLLING: Andrea, well, you know, nothing else seems to be working. Maybe a hurricane will help out Obama and create a job or two. [Fox News, The Five, 8/26/11]

Beckel, Along With Perino And Tantaros, Push Back As Bolling Attacks Obama For A Birthday Fundraiser. From The Five:

BOLLING: Dana, last night, the president flew in to Chicago on Fundraiser One, flew in, raised a whole bunch of money at some big, lavish birthday party. Tone deaf? I mean, wow, what was he thinking?

PERINO: It's -- OK, I'm going to shock Bob Beckel here.


PERINO: Look, he can, he's head of the party. He has a responsibility to fundraise, and you got to hand it to the guy. Even with his poll numbers decreasing as they are, he can still convince people to show up and give him $40,000 for his birthday. Like if I could have convinced someone to give me 40 grand for my birthday --

TANTAROS: Hold on, ready for the double whammy?

BECKEL: You should -- no, what, are you going to agree?

TANTAROS: I agree with Dana. I've worked for numerous politicians that have had fundraisers on their birthday.

BECKEL: You know, you both should put on your stationery the last thing for the Republicans. Is it really a shock that president of the United States raises money? And when you make that funny line about Fundraiser One -- I mean, every president I know who's gone to fundraise, they've gone on Air Force One. Why, because they have to.

BOLLING: Well, he's using at it lot. He flew down to Miami. He flew to Puerto Rico, he flew to North Carolina, he goes to Chicago --

PERINO: Well, he can't help it. His birthday happens to be today. Happy birthday, Mr. President. [Fox News, The Five, 8/4/11]

Beckel Tells The Truth About Fox's Editorial Standards

Beckel Blasts "The Facts According To" Guilfoyle "And The Producers Who Wrote This Crap." From The Five:

BECKEL: Let's move on to another union-bashing place, and that absurd governor friend of yours -- what is his name?

BOLLING: Thank you, 49 minutes before we got to this.

BECKEL: The guy will be absent in January and a recall petition. Scott, is that his name?

BOLLING: Scott Walker.


BOLLING: Monica, jump in here, but Scott Walker, when he broke the collective bargaining, when he busted the unions, has gone from a $3.5 billion budget deficit to a profit. They're going to be in the black within a year. And this, this one -- Bob -- 9,500 jobs created in month of July -- 9,500 created in Wisconsin alone after 18,000 created in the whole country. More than half.

BECKEL: Have you seen his ratings among the people in Wisconsin?

BOLLING: Well, they must be skyrocketing.

BECKEL: No. They're very low, and he's going to get recalled in January. He should be.

GUILFOYLE: Bob, Bob, really quick. Also the teachers that were in the union wanted to switch to United HealthCare. And they're happier but they were being held hostage.

BECKEL: Where did you get that from?

GUILFOYLE: These are the facts, Bob.

BECKEL: Those are the facts according to you and the people -- the producers who wrote some of this crap. [Fox News, The Five, 8/3/11]

Beckel Criticizes "The Opening Writing By The Producers" For Hyping Stock Declines One Day, Ignoring Increases The Next. From The Five:

BECKEL: By the way, did you in your opening -- I was going to say, I was hanging on every word. But did we make the point that the market went up?

PERINO: We didn't, but we should. The market went up --

BECKEL: The market went up 430 points today, the Obama rally, after the Fed -- after the Fed said that it was going to keep interest rates low for the next two years.

PERINO: OK, let's talk about that for a second, because the Fed did come out today after, thankfully, the market stopped its slide. I don't see how you can get credit for the ups in the markets, but not take the blames for the down.

BECKEL: I don't see how you don't get it in the opening writing by the producers when yesterday, all we did was leave with "600 points down. It's horrible!"

ANDREW NAPOLITANO (co-host): Bob, it's not good to attack the producers.


BECKEL: I understand that. But I like to do it because they're sort of fun to hit at. [Fox News, The Five, 8/9/11]

Beckel Reports Fox Producers "Decided To Can" A Story On "Republicans Splitting The Party Apart." From The Five:

BECKEL: Welcome back to The Five. Police in London ramping up their efforts to contain the deadly riots. We're now heading into the fifth night. Earlier today, Prime Minister Cameron addressed the issue. Listen to this.

DAVID CAMERON (British prime minister, video clip): We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order on to our streets. Every contingency is being looked at. Nothing is off the table. The police are already authorized to use baton rounds, and we agreed at Cobra that while they're not currently needed, we now have in place contingency plan for water cannon to be available at 24 hours' notice.

BECKEL: I tell you what else is off the table was the discussion about the Republicans splitting the party apart, but the producers decided to can that, so let's go up here to the riots in London. [Fox News, The Five, 8/10/11]

Beckel Brings Up Report On Illegal Activities Of The Koch Brothers, Says "We're Not Talking About It." From The Five:

BOLLING: All right. And also, we just, we're hearing right now, besides Roseanne Barr over the weekend, Michael Moore now. George Soros sympathizes with the protest -- sympathizes with any corporations that are going to have to pay more because of other corporations.

I mean, basically, the bottom line is corporate America, capitalism is what America was founded on. These kids are the opposite. Thereby -- you want say it with me -- socialists, Marxists, communists --

GUTFELD: Anti-bathe-ists

BOLLING: Bathe-ists -

BECKEL: What do you call the Koch brothers who sponsored, who fund the Tea Party who are now under investigation for doing business with Iran during the war? Who had been bribing companies overseas? They've got six or seven different investigations going on, and we don't cover it.

BOLLING: The Koch brothers are contributors to conservative causes. I mean, you're making -

BECKEL: They break the law. You find that a problem?

GUTFELD: They acknowledged the investigation, didn't they?

BECKEL: Oh, you don't know.

GUTFELD: I want to go to Roseanne because you brought her up. She was on something called Russia today. If you've seen this network, it's hilarious. It is the most vividly anti-American network you'll ever find. And it looks like it's filmed out of somebody's basement.

Here she is expressing solidarity with the protesters and how she felt about the bankers.

ROSEANNE BARR [video clip]: I first would allow the guilty bankers the ability to pay back anything over $100 million personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million. If they are unable to live on that amount, then they should, you know, go to the reeducation camps and if that doesn't help, then they'd be beheaded.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh!

GUTFELD: So, beheaded. So, this is an interesting point. When you look at conservatives or the Tea Party, they always look at the American Revolution as the model. But the left always looks at the French Revolution. Off with their heads!

GUILFOYLE: Off with their heads!

GUTFELD: Then we'll solve the problems later. Why is the left, Bob, they're your people. Why are they so violent?

BECKEL: Why you say they're my people? Roseanne Barr is a fool. I mean, what she said makes no sense at all. I'm not looking for their guys had their heads locked up. I'm not asking for justice. Justice is some of these bankers should be in jail. People are out of their houses because of these people.

GUTFELD: I would agree with you if you also said members of the government should have gone to jail over this.


BECKEL: I agree with that. And I think the investigation, the most meticulous investigation reported I've seen in years was done on the Koch brothers and we're not talking about it. [Fox News, The Five, 10/3/11, additional transcript via Nexis]

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