Hannity And Rove Pretend Democrats Killed Obama's Jobs Bill


Sean Hannity and Karl Rove falsely suggested that Senate Democrats stopped President Obama's American Jobs Act. In fact, 41 votes were needed to prevent the bill from advancing, and all 46 Senate Republicans who voted cast their votes against it.

Rove And Hannity Suggest Senate Democrats Killed Obama Jobs Bill

Hannity: Obama "Blame[s] The Republicans, When In Reality, The Democrats Didn't Support His Bill." From Fox News' Hannity:

HANNITY: All right, it seems the strategy is now set. "Do Nothing Congress," blame the Republicans, when in reality, the Democrats didn't support his bill. You know, there's some fundamental truth here that is missing in what he's saying. [Fox News, Hannity, 10/13/11]

Rove Cites "The Failure Of The Democratic Senate Leader To Be Able To Get This Bill Through." From Hannity:

ROVE: Yeah. No, look, I love that the president is there blaming the Republicans when it was the failure of the Democratic Senate leader to be able to get this bill through. I mean, look, the incompetence of the administration and its failures are in several different areas. [Fox News, Hannity, 10/13/11]

46 Republicans Voted To Stop Jobs Act; Only 41 Needed

Senate.gov: 50 Senate Democrats Voted To Advance Bill; All Republicans Voted Supported Filibuster. The Senate website states that a cloture motion on S. 1660 -- the American Jobs Act of 2011 -- didn't receive the requisite three-fifths majority needed to proceed. Forty-nine senators voted against the motion, 46 of whom were Republicans. More than 40 votes against the motion would have killed it. [Senate.gov, accessed 10/13/11]

AP: "Senate Republicans Have Voted To Kill" The White House Jobs Bill. From an Associated Press story headlined "Senate Republicans vote to Kill Obama's jobs bill":

Senate Republicans have voted to kill the $447 billion White House jobs bill despite weeks of barnstorming by President Barack Obama across the country.

Forty-six Republicans joined with two Democrats to delay the plan. The roll call was kept open Tuesday night to allow Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to vote. But it would have taken 60 votes in the 100-member Senate to keep the legislation alive. [Associated Press, 10/11/11]

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