Liz Cheney Drums Up Dishonest Claim That Obama Ignored The Private Sector


On Fox News Sunday, Liz Cheney disingenuously claimed that President Obama didn't "say the words 'private sector'" in his recent press conferences about the debt ceiling, claiming this proved that Obama "does not fundamentally believe that the private sector creates jobs." In fact, Obama discussed private sector job growth during both briefings.

Cheney: Obama Didn't "Say The Words 'Private Sector' " In Either Debt Ceiling Press Conference

Cheney: In "Neither Press Conference, At Any Time Did [Obama] Say The Words 'Private Sector.'" On the July 17 edition of Fox Broadcasting Company's Fox News Sunday, Fox News contributor Liz Cheney claimed President Obama "does not fundamentally believe the private sector creates jobs," because at "neither press conference" on the debt ceiling "did he at any time say the words 'private sector.'" From Fox News Sunday:

CHENEY: This president is completely out of step with history and out of step with where most of the American people are. He does not fundamentally believe that the private sector creates jobs, and I'll give you three example of where he stands from his press conferences this week. In neither press conference, did he at any time did he say the words "private sector." He believes the solution is we're going to have more government growth, we're going to have the government hire people. [Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News Sunday, 7/17/11]

In Fact, Obama Referenced Private Businesses Numerous Times

Obama: Debt Negotiations Should Be Strucutred To "Be Good For The Overall Business Climate." During his July 15 press conference, Obama addressed negotiations over raising the debt ceiling and said:

And we're in a position now where if we're serious about this and everybody is willing to compromise, we can, as I said before, fix this thing probably for a decade or more. And that's something that I think would be good for the overall business climate and would encourage the American people that Washington actually is willing to take care of its business. [White House Press Conference, 7/15/11]

Obama: "We've Taken A Number Of Steps To Make Sure That Businesses Are Willing To Invest." In his July 11 press conference, Obama noted that the way to "solve" the unemployment problem is to "make sure that businesses are willing to invest":

So this unemployment rate has been really stubborn. There are a couple of ways that we can solve that. Number one is to make sure that the overall economy is growing. And so we have continued to take a series of steps to make sure that there's money in people's pockets that they can go out there and spend. That's what these payroll tax cuts were about.

We've taken a number of steps to make sure that businesses are willing to invest, and that's what the small business tax cuts and some of the tax breaks for companies that are willing to invest in plants and equipment -- and zero capital gains for small businesses -- that's what that was all about, was giving businesses more incentive to invest. [White House Press Conference, 7/11/11]

Obama: "Unemployment Benefits ... Improves The Climate For Businesses To Want To Hire." During his July 11 press conference, Obama discussed unemployment and said that a payroll tax cut could "give businesses a great incentive to hire." He added:

Unemployment benefits, again, puts money in the pockets of folks who are out there knocking on doors trying to find a job every day. Giving them those resources, that puts more money into the economy and that potentially improves it -- improves the climate for businesses to want to hire. [White House Press Conference, 7/11/11]

Obama: "I've Got Three Trade Deals Sitting Ready To Go" To "Spur On Additional Job Growth." In his July 15 press conference, Obama noted that he has "three trade deals sitting ready to go" in order to "spur on additional job growth." From President Obama's July 15 press conference:

OBAMA: Most of the things that I've proposed to help spur on additional job growth are traditionally bipartisan. I've got three trade deals sitting ready to go. And these are all trade deals that the Republicans told me were their top priorities. They said this would be one of the best job creators that we could have. And yet it's still being held up because some folks don't want to provide trade adjustment assistance to people who may be displaced as a consequence of trade. Surely we can come up with a compromise to solve those problems. [White House Press Conference, 7/11/11]

Cheney Relied On Falsehood To Attack Obama's Record On Stimulus, Debt, And Health Care Reform

Cheney: Obama's "Stimulus Program Did Nothing To Help" The Economic Crisis At The Beginning Of His Presidency. On Fox News Sunday, Cheney responded to Fox News contributor Juan Williams statement that there was an "economic crisis when [Obama] came into office" by claiming "and this man's stimulus program did nothing to help that." [Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News Sunday, 7/17/11]

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Cheney: "This President Has Added More To The Debt Than All Previous Presidents Combined." Cheney further falsely claimed Obama "has added more to the debt than all previous presidents combined." [Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News Sunday, 7/17/11]

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Cheney: "You Could Easily Find $1.4 Trillion In Savings If You Would Repeal Obamacare." Cheney further falsely claimed "you could easily find $1.4 trillion in savings if you would repeal Obamacare." [Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox News Sunday, 7/17/11]

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