The Glenn Beck Shopping Network

The Glenn Beck Shopping Network


Glenn Beck leaves behind a dubious ethical legacy: On his Fox show, he would promote companies with which he had a financial relationship, but without disclosing that relationship to his viewers. He also used the program as a forum to nudge viewers toward buying products like gold and a library's worth of books.

Beck Occasionally Disclosed His Financial Relationship With Sponsors When He Mentioned Them On Fox ...

Beck: Congressman Weiner "Is Accusing One Of The Sponsors Of My Program, Goldline." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: I'm going to explain some of this stuff later in the program. But let me start with -- the trap, if you will. Congressman Anthony Weiner had a press conference yesterday which means I think that he just called MSNBC because they're the only ones covering this clown. He is accusing one of the sponsors so my program, Goldline of, quote, "ripping off customers." And I'm involved! And he is just fighting for little guy. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 5/19/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "Full Disclosure Here," Goldline "Is A Company That I Proudly Have As A Sponsor." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: And the biggest Weiner I know is Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is always on the job to make sure that you don't mistakenly spend your money the way you want to -- because you might be stupid. In a non-story of all non-stories, ABC interviewed Weiner about Goldline.

Full disclosure here: it is a company that I proudly have as a sponsor of my radio show, and among other companies, runs commercials on this network and many, many others.

Weiner's ridiculous claim was that Goldline was trying to create fear, claiming the government has confiscating gold in the past in tough economic times. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 7/22/10 via Nexis]

... But Beck's Financial Interests Often Went Undisclosed

Beck's Radio Sponsors Include:

  • Goldline [Media Matters, 12/2/09]
  • FreedomWorks [Media Matters, 10/26/10]
  • Freedom Connector [Media Matters, 2/15/11]
  • People Helping People [Media Matters, 11/18/10]
  • [Media Matters, 11/17/10]
  • Generation America [Media Matters, 3/30/11]

Beck Likens Consumer Financial Protection Bureau To Congressional Investigation Of Goldline Without Mentioning Sponsorship. From Glenn Beck:

BECK: This bill creates a new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection -- just to protect you, protect consumers. This bureau will have broad powers to limit what financial products and services can be offered to consumers.

That's weird, as I say that, I think of Anthony Weiner. Remember the Congressman Anthony Weiner trying to protect consumers from Goldline? Yes. Wow! Go to for more on that.

So, it's supposed to help you. But here's what it will do: reduce choices and likely make credit more expensive and harder to get. It also allows them to -- you're going to love this -- to track consumer transactions. So now they can just track your credit card, baby. Isn't that great? You can -- but only to protect you. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 9/6/10 via Nexis]

On The O'Reilly Factor, Beck Touts His Sponsor, Generation America, Attacks Its Competitor AARP. From The O'Reilly Factor:

BECK: It only takes four senators, four. I talked to these people at Generation America. And this is a group of -- this is actually a guy. He was watching the country being destroyed with Obamacare, and AARP really made him angry. And he said they've sold them down for money. They've sold out our older generation for money.

BILL O'REILLY (host): Well, there is -- there is an absolute legitimate beef against AARP.

BECK: Sold them out.

O'REILLY: Because they sell the medigap insurance.

BECK: Yes.

O'REILLY: And they make tons of money doing it.

BECK: Correct. [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 1/7/11 via Nexis]

Beck Promotes Radio Sponsor On Fox. From Glenn Beck:

BECK: We have a goal to cut our stuff in half. That's a pretty big deal. My wife and I spent Saturday tagging the things around our home and deciding what to get rid of. A lot of the stuff we really like but we just don't use and it's unnecessary. Next week, after this week, we're taking pictures of it and everything else, I'm going to put it up on I'm going to downsize.


Tonight, here's what I want you to do. I want you to talk to your wife or your husband about reducing your debt. Your stuff footprint. And then ask if you will join me on a quest. Not the thing in Ohio, if you want to join on that later, that's fine. This quest, this quest - what could you do with $5,000. However much you have, $1,000, $500. Could you buy extra food? Could it put you in a position where you could be more prepared? Please, talk to your family tonight, and find out. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/15/10]

Beck Name-Drops UPillar Without Disclosing Financial Relationship. From Glenn Beck:

BECK: There's so much noise in our life now. I've been talking this week about getting rid of some of the crap in your life. My wife and I, we downsized our stuff. We sold about, I think about half the stuff in our house, and we sold it for charity. It's available for, and you'll see what we're going to do with that money next year on this program. But we're also talking about getting rid of the noise in our life. Getting rid of some of the TVs in our life. Get rid of the phones and the games and everything else, because we're not listening anymore. It's too noisy. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 12/3/10]

Beck Instructs Viewers To "Go To" From Glenn Beck:

BECK: I want you to go to My family and I, we're selling a lot of our stuff and it's all for charity. Tomorrow is the last day of the auction, check it out at [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 12/8/10]

Beck Tells Viewers They Can Buy His Kitchen Table, Says It's "Now At" From Glenn Beck:

BECK: I want to show you a picture of my dinner table. This is - this is my kitchen table. And this is up now, I'm selling for charity, I'm getting rid of a lot of the stuff and this is in my kitchen. This is now at But you'll see on the backs of each of the chairs - this one says forgiveness, honor. Do you have a picture of me with one of them? Uh here. They're all painted. We had an artist paint the backs of all the chairs, and the family, we picked the different things that we wanted, that we felt were important. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/30/11]

Beck Hosted CEO Of Radio Sponsor FreedomWorks, Never Disclosed Financial Relationship. On an episode of his Fox News show, Glenn Beck had FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe in the audience and turned to him to answer a fellow audience member's question on political organizing. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 10/26/10]

While Hosing FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe, Beck Asked Questions Like, "How Does FreedomWorks Work?" From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Matt Kibbe is the president of FreedomWorks. He's also the co-author of "Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto." Oh, that's a spooky word.


BECK: How does FreedomWorks work?

MATT KIBBE (CEO Of FreedomWorks): Well, we started work on the trader principle because we have volunteers all across the country and, by the way, some of them are Tea Party Patriots, some of them are with you, some are 9.12ers and they're in multiple groups. And the way to think about how organizations like mine and frankly all of these organizations, we have to be of service to these activists. We have to figure out what they want and help them do that, otherwise we're not adding value. And I think all of these relationships and this decentralized movement that we call the Tea Party, you're talking thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of leaders across the country. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 7/30/10, accessed via Nexis]

Beck Urges Viewers To Use FreedomWorks' Freedom Connector To "Get Connected And Find Out How Freedom Works." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: There's one thing that's missing on this board. Because I see everybody that wants a new world order. But I don't see you - the Tea Parties. I'm going to show you something at, please go there today, right now. Can you bring this up please? It's how you can get connected. Right now, find out all the details at See all these people? These are all the people that have signed up from the radio program today, that say "I'm connected." There is a new system - and you can read about it all at - that will connect people together without a middle man. So you can be connected and find out how freedom works. You need to - please. Connect with your neighbors, whether you use this system or something else. Find out all about it at Connect. Community organizing is what wins the battle of freedom. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 2/15/11]

Beck: "Get On The Sites And 9.12 Project Or Freedom Connector ... And You Coordinate With Each Other." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Flash mob all over the country. You have too -- I'd like to roll out once a month. We do something as a group -- it doesn't have to come from me. But you get on the sites and 9.12 Project or Freedom Connector or the -- what is, the Meet Up? And you coordinate with each other. And you make an impression of goodness in your community. Because right now there's a lot of confusion coming. And there's a lot of people that are going to be vying for that space. You must be known as a trustworthy individual. As somebody that is honorable. Somebody that does the right thing at their own expense. Takes the time and actually has real compassion for people. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/22/11 via Nexis]

Beck Promoted "Fledgling" Company On Fox After They Sponsored His Radio Show. Beck prominently featured a "fledgling" financial company - People Helping People, which sells insurances, annuities, and IRAs - just weeks after the company became a sponsor on his radio program and Beck recorded and endorsement ad. At no point did Beck disclose the financial relationship to viewers. [Media Matters, 11/18/10]

Beck Has Repeatedly Urged His Viewers To Buy Gold "As Insurance"

Beck: "I Told You To Be Prepared. ... I Told You To Buy Gold. I Was Called Nuts, A Fearmonger, Everything Else." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: You need to understand. Stock market goes up with quantitative easing. Why? They are playing with your money by making it cheaper. They are playing with your money.

They also want to do this, not only to get rich themselves but also to keep the market up because if people realize if the stock market is at 5,000, the jig is up. They'll start to say, whoa, whoa, whoa, what you guy are doing over here? But that's a stupid sign for all of us that things are good.

And if you freak out, then what do you do? Then you figure this out, what do you do? You start buying gold. Yes.

I told you to be prepared, oh, jeez, how many years ago? Be prepared. I told you to buy gold. I was called nuts, a fearmonger, everything else. "The New York Times" got in on that one. Oh, I was horrible.

Look at the front page of "The New York Times" today. What does it say? Prices surge as the investors rush to safety of gold. Now, it's safety. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 4/21/11, via Nexis]

Beck: "I Have No Idea What Gold Is Going To Do. It's Volatile. It Could Crash Tomorrow. I Said Buy It As Insurance Policy. Why? Because They're Going To Monetize Our Debt." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: All the negative stories about Glenn Beck and gold is another one that people started to do. I started -- I personally started buying gold. I think it was about $300 an ounce -- between $300 and $400 an ounce. I think I pick up one of my clients at about $700 an ounce and started telling people on the radio program to buy gold for an advertisement.

You know how many times I've been called crazy and how I was bilking stupid people out of their money? Do you know that gold hit a record high today of $1,400 an ounce? That gosh, that means you would have doubled your money.

And I didn't even ever say buy it as an investment. I have no idea what gold is going to do. It's volatile. It could crash tomorrow. I said buy it as insurance policy. Why? Because they're going to monetize our debt. Ooh! [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/8/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "I Don't Buy Gold As An Investment. ... I Buy It As Insurance." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: They bashed me for doing radio commercials on my show for gold then gold was $800 an ounce, and they were saying, "Oh, Glenn Beck is duping everybody. They're going to lose their money." Really? It's now over $1,200 an ounce. That's today. And they're now saying yesterday that it could go up to $1,500 by the end of the year. Now, why would gold be going up, and historically, is that a big number? Well, first of all, all the liberal bloggers who have just put their Cheetos down because they're like, "Oh, are you kidding me? He's talking about gold. I gotta write a blog on that." I say even on my radio program that I don't buy gold as an investment. I -- it's insane. It's insane to buy gold. I buy it as insurance. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 9/1/10]

Beck Compares Economy To Earthquake, Calls Gold "The Refuge And The Safety Net From Inflation." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: It's like California, how nuts does it have to be in California when there's an earthquake, to where you say, where is the only place that could possibly save me, because the entire house is coming down? They tell you, stand in the door frame. Now, it's better to be outside, it's better to not be in a building, it's better to -- oh, I don't know -- not live in California, for a lot of reasons. But if worst comes to worst and you have to stand there, you stand in the doorway, it's the safest place.

Economically speaking, that has always been gold. It is the -- it is the refuge and the safety net from inflation. Well, let me show you how this progression works and you tell me where we are. Stocks is where -- is where everybody really, has always been. When things are going well, you're in stocks. There's stocks, there's bonds, there's real estate, there's treasury and then there's gold and then there's insanity. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 9/1/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "I Do Say, Invest In Gold. ... That's The Threshold Of Insanity -- Gold. But Am I Alone Thinking We Live In Insane Times?" From Glenn Beck:

BECK: But I tell you what I believe and I think few do that. I'm an open book. I'll tell you when I'm wrong and I have been wrong before. I do say, invest in gold. I do.

But I also tell you at the same time, this is a doorway of insanity. That's the threshold of insanity -- gold. But am I alone thinking we live in insane times? [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 5/19/10 via Nexis]

Beck's "3-G" Solution To Possible U.S. Economic "Collapse": "God, Gold, and Guns." Beck told his audience that in the event of a possible U.S. economic "collapse," they should practice what "I like to call the 3-G system" of "God, gold, and guns." [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/23/10]

"America, Please Read This Book" -- Beck Hawks A Wide Variety Of Books And Authors

Beck: "Read Your History, America. Read The 5,000 Year Leap." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Read your history, America. Read The 5,000-Year Leap. Read the words of Benjamin Franklin when he said, "We can't become England and make the mistakes they made." We're making them, gang. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 2/10/09 via Nexis]

Beck: The 5,000 Year Leap Is "The Best Starter Guide On The Fundamentals Of Our Constitution And The Founding Of Our Country That I've Ever Read." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Who is -- I mean, are you all 9.12 members, right? Is there anybody -- I remember on the first show, in fact, I held this book up and said this is where you need to start, "The 5,000-Year Leap." And this thing -- I mean, this was a best seller for I don't know how long. This is 28 principles that we were founded on. It's the best starter guide on the fundamentals of our Constitution and the founding of our country that I've ever read. It's so simple to understand. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/12/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "Buy These Two Books And Read Them." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Do we have the books? Where are the books? Underneath everybody's seat here in the audience, there are some books here. I've got a couple of books for you that you can start. This one is called "The 5,000-Year Leap." It is fantastic. I want you to know I don't make any money on these things.

"The 5,000-Year Leap" - it is the 29 principles that our founders put together, and how they put this genius country together. The other one is "The Real George Washington."

Buy these two books and read them. This one is about honor and integrity. You tell me you have ever seen a politician like this guy, and this one is just, "What do we really stand for?" You read these and you read them with your friends. And you meet once a week or, you know, a couple of times a month. And you start small, and you just really figure out what you believe in. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/13/09 via Nexis]

Beck: The 5,000 Year Leap "Will Open Up Your Eyes To The Truth About America." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: You know, it's amazing. And if you don't know what "The 5,000-Year Leap" is, it is an amazing book. It's just really incredible. And it will open up your eyes to the truth about America and what the principles and values are. And it's kind of what we base this on. You've got 300 people coming in Melbourne? [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/9/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "If You Have Not Read" The 5,000 Year Leap, "America, This Is The Simplest Book." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: When did you read "The 5,000-Year Leap?" Was it after the 9/12 special?

JANINE TURNER (Founder Of ""): It was before then. It was on the tea party and when I was on your show at the tea party in San Antonio.

BECK: Right.

TURNER: And I read about - you mentioned about it a month beforehand, I believe. It was because of you.

BECK: There you go.

TURNER: There you go. I read "The 5,000-Year Leap."

BECK: If you have not read the book, America, this is the simplest book. I mean, it gives you the principles of America and you will get it. You'll be like, "Oh, my gosh. It's a great starting point." [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 6/11/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "I Held this Book Up And Said This Is Where You Need to Start." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Who is -- I mean, are you all 9.12 members, right? Is there anybody -- I remember on the first show, in fact, I held this book up and said this is where you need to start, "The 5,000-Year Leap." And this thing -- I mean, this was a best seller for I don't know how long. This is 28 principles that we were founded on. It's the best starter guide on the fundamentals of our Constitution and the founding of our country that I've ever read. It's so simple to understand. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/12/10 via Nexis]

Beck Wrote Foreword To New Edition of The 5,000 Year Leap. In 2009, a new edition of The 5,000 Year Leap was published, to which Beck contributed a foreword. [, accessed 6/28/11]

Beck On Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism: "Please America, Read This Book." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: OK. So here, Jonah, is -- I mean, you are a guy who has been looking at the progressive movement for a very long time. Your book, "Liberal Fascism" -- and please, America, read this book. It's fantastic. Especially liberals read it. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 2/11/09 via Nexis]

Beck Tells Goldberg, "I Haven't Received The Check Kicking Back To Me Anything." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: By the way, America, I know I told you this a million times before, if you haven't read this book, "Liberal Fascism," you should. You need to read it. It is -- put it on your must-read list.

OK. Jonah -- by the way, I haven't received the check kicking back to me anything. I'm just saying.

JONAH GOLDBERG (Editor-At-Large, National Review) : I'm going to mow your lawn for the rest of my life! [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 6/28/11, via Nexis]

Beck On Pursuit of Happyness: "Why Are We Promoting This Book? We Need To Promote This Book." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Hang on. Hang on. I've got a break. I want to you hear the rest of this. In case you don't know who Chris Gardner is, he is the guy that was in "Pursuit of Happyness." Will Smith played him in "Pursuit of Happyness."

For more in breaking the poverty cycle, read chapter 20, "Poverty Prozac." Why are we promoting my book? We need to promote his book. "Start Where You Are," Chris Gardner. Read this book. There is nobody to tell you a better way to get out than a guy who was at the very bottom and never gave up. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 5/12/09, via Nexis]

Beck Helps Out Fox Colleague, Tells Audience "You've Got To Read" Andrew Napolitano's Book. From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Tonight: a panel of experts. One on faith and the perversion of it by the progressive movement. He also knows the origins of social justice. And David Buckner from Columbia University, because he knows real hope, because he knows the truth about the economy and it isn't good.

And Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News senior judicial analyst, author of "Lies the Government Told You." You got to read this book. It's a great book. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/16/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "Please Read" Lenin, Stalin and Hitler -- "It's All Happening Again." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Robert, thank you very much. And I'd love to have you on and spend some more time with you.

America, the book is "Lenin, Stalin and Hitler." This is a -- I think it's out in soft cover now. It's about a year, a year and a half old. Please read this book. I read it when it first came out. And it's -- all of a sudden, it came to me here in the last couple of days, because it's all happening again. I'm not saying that these people are in our horizon. But let me tell you something, it's spooky, the similarities on how it's used. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/2/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "Put" Hayek's The Road To Serfdom "In Your Essential Library....Please Read This Book." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: We're back. We're just talking about "The Road to Serfdom." Please read this book. Put this in your essential library. It's really what woke Reagan up and it makes so much sense on why centralized government is a really bad idea.


BECK: Please read this book, America. Please read this book. We're going to go to - is it David? Hi, David. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 6/8/10 via Nexis]

Beck: "Please America, Please Read" Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story Of Sen. Joe McCarthy. From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Please, America, please read this book. I'm going to introduce you to the author of this book. He is -- what is he, 80, 75?


I want to bring in M. Stanton Evans. He is the author of "Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Sen. Joe McCarthy". What an honor to meet you, sir. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 6/24/10 via Nexis]

Beck on Dinesh D'Souza's The Roots Of Obama's Rage: "Everybody Should Read This." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Now, these facts are really well put together in this book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dinesh D'Souza. Everybody should read this book. It's now the number one selling book on And I think it's going to be that way for quite some time, because you must read it and pass it on.


BECK: All right. America, I am telling you, this is the best theory that I have heard. This is -- this to me rings true. In the end, it may not be, but we have to have a debate. Not on the facts. But on the opinion. Do the opinions -- does that fit?

They will try to make sure that you don't believe any of these facts because of the opinion he draws from them. You must read this book because you will finally understand it as I think -- as I -- this is my current understanding as I think I finally do. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 9/30/10 via Nexis]

Beck On Jon Huntsman Sr.'s Winners Never Cheat: "America, Please Read This Book." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: There's -- here's the difference. Have you read the book by Jon Huntsman, "Winners Never Cheat"?

DAVID BUCKNER (Professor, Columbia University): Yes.

BECK: OK. America, please read this book -- a fantastic book. In it, he says attorneys are important, but you keep them at bay. They are paid -- I mean, I'm a small business guy, I pay attorneys. I have attorneys that, you know, we consult. They're paid to say no. You have to then look at them and say, OK, you know what, I'm going to take that risk anyway. I'm going to go in this direction. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/30/11 via Nexis]

Beck On G. Edward Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island: "Have You Read This Book? If Not, Read It." From Glenn Beck:

BECK: May I recommend -- have you read this book? If not, read it. It is "The Creature from Jekyll Island." It is a fascinating book on the Fed. The author is one of our guests tonight.


BECK: We're back now with G. Edward Griffin and Mark Calabria. Edward is the author of "Creature from Jekyll Island." If you haven't read this book, you should. Are you surprised, Edward, on how many people are reading this book now? It's got -- I mean, how long ago did you write this? [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/25/11 via Nexis]

Beck On American Progressivism: A Reader: "Read This Book, America." From Glenn Beck:

ANDREW NAPOLITANO (Fox Business Host): Absolutely. It would scare people into this populist -- into believing that the banks are menaces and that it will continue to do so until the banks surrender their property or people surrender their freedom.

BECK: Read this book, America. Please read this book, "American Progressivism: A Reader." Please read it. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 4/6/11 via Nexis]

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