Conservative Media Denounce Obama's "Disgusting" Ground Zero Visit As A "Political Victory Lap"

Conservative Media Denounce Obama's "Disgusting" Ground Zero Visit As A "Political Victory Lap"


Conservative media figures have criticized President Obama's upcoming visit to Ground Zero after the killing of Osama bin Laden as a "political victory lap." Glenn Beck called the planned trip "disgusting," "obscene," and "grotesque."

Conservatives Deride Planned Obama Ground Zero Trip As Political Stunt

Beck: Obama's Ground Zero Visit Is "Disgusting." From Glenn Beck's radio show:

BECK: President Obama is going to visit Ground Zero. George Bush is not gonna go with him; George Bush turned down Obama's invitation to go to the site because he wanted to stay out of the spotlight. I would think that maybe it's because you would need hand sanitizer afterwards because you'd feel so slimy after doing this. This is the first visit to Ground Zero that Obama has made since he was a candidate. What is the occasion other than UBL being - is there another reason, or is it just to sop up some more glory and take a victory lap? It's disgusting. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 5/4/11]

Beck: Obama's "Victory Lap" At Ground Zero Is "Obscene" And "Grotesque." From Glenn Beck's radio show:

BECK: He got the credit from the American people. Thank you, Mr. President.


BECK: Now, victory laps on the death of somebody seem obscene. Giving credit where credit is due and moving the spotlight - this is the most powerful man in the world. No, I'm sorry - second most powerful man - Soros is - second most powerful man in the world. No, third, because we have Ben Bernanke. Third most powerful man in the world. And he wants to take victory laps. It's obscene. And it's obscene - can you imagine taking victory laps in Arlington Cemetery?


BECK: You're beyond talking about a bullet-ridden corpse. You're now - and this is where it becomes grotesque - you are now, for political reasons, using the deaths of three - and remember, you couldn't even use the picture from Air Force One for George W. Bush. You couldn't show the picture of him on September 11 in Air Force One. But the president not only can show all the pictures of this - which I don't have a problem with. Where I draw the line is, now we're going to Ground Zero? To the hallowed ground? To the civilian Arlington Cemetery, and saying, "Yeah! Yeah! I got it done!" That's grotesque. It's grotesque, for any president. Grotesque. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 5/4/11]

Fox "News" Anchor Jon Scott On Ground Zero Remembrance: "Is It A Bit Of A Political Victory Lap?" Happening Now co-host Jon Scott said:

SCOTT: Right here in New York City tomorrow, Jenna, the commander-in-chief will be coming to deliver a major speech from Ground Zero, the site of the former World Trade Center destroyed in the 9-11 attacks. Well, the backdrop could not be any more symbolic after the death of Osama bin Laden. The question is, will it also boost the president's approval ratings? Is it a bit of a political victory lap? We'll take a look. [Fox News, Happening Now, 5/4/11]

Tammy Bruce: Ground Zero Visit Is A "Campaign Commercial." From conservative radio host and author Tammy Bruce's Twitter account:

Tammy Bruce tweet

[Twitter, 5/4/11]

Pam Geller: Obama "Campaign[ing] At Ground Zero" For An "O-Victory Lap." From right-wing blogger Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs blog:

As Obama continues to politicize and mine the takedown of Osama Bin Laden and the outrageous "Islamic burial" that followed, new details emerge of his reluctance and refusal to sign off on the mission. It is the height of hypocrisy and crass opportunism to draw out the release of the death photos so as to prolong the news cycle on the story, and to neglect the tornado-ravaged parts of the country -- instead, Obama campaigns at Ground Zero on Thursday for an "O-victory lap," while it appears that in fact Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the OBL operation. [Atlas Shrugs, 5/3/11]

Ace Of Spades: "Obama To Take Victory Lap At Ground Zero." From conservative blog Ace of Spades HQ:

I'm so old I remember when it was wrong to use 9/11 for political purposes (Warning: DU link)


But in the era of CHANGE we have this.

President Obama will travel to New York City on Thursday to visit Ground Zero and meet with families who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001, communications director Dan Pfeiffer said.

It's almost like there are different rules for Democrats and Republicans. [Ace of Spades HQ, 5/2/11]

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