Right-wing Media React To Beck's Departure With Sorrow, Skepticism, And, Of Course, Conspiracy Theories


Since Glenn Beck announced he would be ending his daily show with Fox News, conservative bloggers have reacted with a mixture of sorrow, skepticism, and, of course, conspiracy theories about why his show is ending.

It's "The End Of An Era"

Hot Air: "In Less Than Three Months, Cable News Has Lost Its Most Entertainingly Theatrical Bombthrowers." In an April 6 post on the blog Hot Air, blogger Allahpundit noted that Beck was leaving Fox only a few months after Keith Olbermann left MSNBC and wrote, "Feels like the end of an era, with a CNN-like regression to the bland in progress across the dial." Allahpundit also noted that "Chris Matthews...congratulat[ed] Media Matters for having allegedly forced him from the air or something." [Hot Air, 4/6/11]

Maybe He Overdid It

Ace Of Spades: "I Just Don't Think You Can Come Up With A Big Theory Every Week." In an April 6 post on his blog Ace of Spades HQ, blogger Ace wrote:

I think I had two problems with his show: First, as an adult male, I have a subconscious and irrational dislike of being taught to. I'm not saying this is Glenn Beck's problem; I'm saying it's mine. But I'm sure there are a lot of people who are subconsciously resentful of a professorial sort of lecture.

The other problem, from what I saw, is that he seemed to have Big Theories like every week. I just don't think you can come up with a Big Theory every week. Not without an awful lot of stinkers. Giving so much of his program over to Big Theory Explication seemed to me to be a mistake. I just always wondered where that funny, loose guy from the radio went at 5 PM every day. He just became this very jumped-up Mannichean prophet. [Ace Of Spades HQ, 4/6/11]

Or Maybe It's A Conspiracy: "There Is More At Work Here"

Geller: "The Media Is Saying That Beck's Ratings Have Tanked...[But His] Numbers Are Strong ... There Is More At Work Here." In an April 6 Atlas Shrugs post titled "Beck Bolts Fox," far-right blogger Pamela Geller claimed that "[t]here is more at work" behind Beck's departure. From the post:

Was it "I stand with Israel?" Was it his expose on the Muslim Brotherhood? Or does Glenn Beck want to be Roger Ailes? The media is saying that Beck's ratings have tanked or advertisers have bolted, but this is not so. Beck's numbers are strong, very strong. He holds at two million easy, beating Shlep, Brett, and at times, Hannity.

There is more at work here. [Atlas Shrugs, 4/6/11]

"Left-Wing Jihad" Against Beck Taking Too Much Credit

Big Journalism: "Matthews Credits Soros Site For Beck's Business Move." In an April 6 post on Andrew Breitbart's blog Big Journalism, Larry O'Connor claimed that it was "[h]ubris defined" that MSNBC host Chris Matthews "credit[ed] Soros site [Media Matters] for Beck's business move." [Big Journalism, 4/6/11]

Verum Serum: "Anyone Who Can Inspire The Highly Funded, Left-Wing Jihad That Beck Inspires Must Be Doing Something Right." On the right-wing blog Verum Serum, blogger John Sexton wrote:

Still, I thought his Fox show was often thought provoking and excellent. He was willing to dig into stories in a way that went beyond Shep Smith reading the headlines. Even when I didn't agree with his take it was far more interesting than most of what is on cable these days. Plus he has all the right enemies. Anyone who can inspire the highly funded, left-wing jihad that Beck inspires must be doing something right.

But Beck has been gearing up not gearing down. I suspect there's more to this story that we'll learn about in the next few days. [Verum Serum, 4/6/11]

And To Fill Beck's Spot, Breitbart Blog Nominates Breitbart Blogger

Big Journalism: "Sign The Petition: Move 'Red Eye W/Greg Gutfeld' To Fox News' Primetime." An April 6 post on Big Journalism, one of Breitbart's blogs, urged readers to sign a petition to get Greg Gutfeld's late-night Fox News show Red Eye moved to Glenn Beck's 5:00 pm EST slot. Gutfeld is also a contributor to Breitbart's blogs. From the post:

First off, we want to wish Glenn Beck the best in whatever it is he and his media company decide to do next. The way he and Fox News handled the decision to part ways is a model for all in the art of professional dignity -- or in the art of doing the complete opposite of what MSNBC does. But as the saying goes, when one door closes another opens and we, the editors of the Bigs, would like to take this opportunity to politely suggest to the powers at Fox News that Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld is ready for primetime. Actually, strike that. We don't want to suggest it, we want to declare it. Because it's a fact.

For over three years now, Greg Gutfeld, TV's own Andy Levy, Bill Schulz, Pinch, a myriad of fascinating guests from all walks of life, and the Leg Chair, have been producing the best news/satire/interview/comedy show on television.


America deserves an alternative to the the (sic) Stewarts and Mahers and Lettermans and Tina Feys, and we all know that in a just pop culture world it would be Greg Gutfeld accepting the Mark Twain Prize next year. [Big Journalism, 4/6/11, emphasis original; Big Journalism, accessed 4/7/11]

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