The World As Seen Through Glenn Beck's DVD Collection


Glenn Beck explains that the Death Star and the Matrix are real.

The Heroes

Beck: "I'm A Jedi Master." On his Fox News show, Beck attacked The Wall Street Journal's Thomas Frank for writing a column critical of Beck's view of history, saying that the piece had "no substance." Beck added: "There never is. What they do is they attack. They smear and hope something sticks. Frank/Thomas, and those just like you -- they're in love with President Obama and his agenda." He went on to say: "They look to destroy anyone that stands in their way, but they will fail. Yes, because I'm a Jedi master. As long as we are all standing, we will not fail, as long as we [are] here in the fire of truth." [Glenn Beck, 8/4/10, via Nexis]

Beck: "My Life Is Kind Of Like" The Matrix. During a show in which Beck repeatedly referenced The Matrix, asking viewers at one point "to take a red pill and learn the truth," Beck said: "Do you remember the movie 'The Matrix' where nothing was real? The world they were living in was a fabrication. It was a computer program. I don't know about you, but I feel like my life is kind of like that." He later said:

BECK: In the movie "The Matrix" Keanu Reeves was offered two pills. There was a red one and blue one. You can take the blue one and you just keep on living on in ignorance and your life is full of bliss. You take the red one, and you can see past the Matrix. Well, to take our country back, we have to short circuit the matrix, stop the computer program that we're living in. How? Well, next week, we're going to take the red pill, and we're going to start finding the truth together. [Glenn Beck, 5/4/09, via Nexis]

Beck: I'm Like Reverend Scott From The Poseidon Adventure. Lamenting the fact that he has tried to warn people about a coming economic catastrophe, Beck compared himself to the character of Reverend Scott from The Poseidon Adventure, saying that Scott was also ignored when he tried to save people from dying after their ocean liner capsized. Beck said: "Most of the people were saying, 'No, no. He's a crazy man. Don't do that. What do you even know?' " He later added: "This is why people don't listen to me about the economy. What the hell do I know? I don't have a degree on anything. What do I know?" [Glenn Beck, 4/16/10, via Nexis]

Beck: I'm Like Ray In A Field Of Dreams. On his Fox News show, Beck said that the "things that I have told you were going to happen now are," and that "[i]t's spooky to see" people realizing what is happening. He then went on to compare his experience to that of a character in A Field of Dreams seeing the players on the field for the first time:

BECK: It's kind of strange to see them -- it's spooky, really. Somebody told me the other day, "My gosh, Glenn, one of the things you just said. You're gonna be so thrilled." And they told me, and I'm like, no, that's a bad thing. I don't want to be right on this.

It's spooky to see all of them now catching up to you. Do you know what it is? It's like -- do you remember the movie A Field of Dreams? Remember the guy who couldn't see the players on the field? And he's just running around and he's telling his friends like, you got to sell the farm, man. You're crazy. You're crazy.

Until, he finally sees all the players at the end, and then he says this:

TIMOTHY BUSFIELD (as Mark) [video clip from A Field of Dreams]: Do not sell this farm, Ray. You've got to keep this farm.

BECK: Right. OK. Oh, I hope our friends eventually get to this point. [Glenn Beck, 11/15/10]

Beck: "I Think All Of Us Need To Be Gandalf." On his Fox News show, Beck warned that the Obama administration "is trying to take control over seemingly everything," adding: "I'm not really willing to go down that road and give them any more power." He then asked: "America, anybody -- is there anybody willing to become Gandalf?" He continued: "I think all of us need to be Gandalf from that scene in The Lord of the Rings." He then played the scene from the movie in which Gandalf's character says: "You shall not pass." [Glenn Beck, 8/31/09]

Beck On Jack Bauer's Fictional Congressional Testimony: "It's Been A Long Time Since I've Seen Honor Like That." After playing a clip from 24, in which Bauer defends his use of torture in front of Congress, Beck said: "When I first saw that, I thought, 'Gee, I think I've seen that before.' But it's been a long time since I've seen honor like that." He then played congressional testimony from former U.S. Marine Oliver North and asked: "Where is that honor today?" [Fox News' Glenn Beck, 4/22/09]

Beck: "I Want A Jack Bauer Out There." Responding to a report confirming "the existence of secret CIA prisons" and "the use of an alternative set of procedures when questioning terrorists," Beck said: "I want a Jack Bauer out there. ... It's the tactics and the programs that we don't know about that make me sleep well at night." He went on to say:

BECK: How do you fight an enemy that violates the one rule of war, that life is better than death, that the rest of us live by every single day? You can't, and so you've gotta do what we need to do to survive.

The president said these "alternative procedures" and secret prisons have saved American lives. He said they've stopped plots designed to occur inside the U.S. Things like downing airplanes, bombing office buildings and potential biological attacks. Things that we've never heard about before.

I don't know about you, but proving that you've saved even one innocent American life by using these tactics against these slime balls, good. The ends don't always justify the means, but in war, sometimes they do. [CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, 9/7/06]

Beck: "I'm Looking For The Real Life George Bailey." On his Fox News show, Beck told his audience that he was "launching tonight a search for the next George Bailey." He went on to say: "You've seen It's a Wonderful Life, one man saved the town. He didn't even know he was doing it. I'm looking for the real life George Bailey or Georgia O. Bailey. I know they are there." [Glenn Beck, 10/25/10, via Nexis]

Beck: "Bedford Falls Is Real And So Are The People." Describing how a scene in It's a Wonderful Life personifies "us now" and "where we're at," Beck said: "This is the choice: Are we in a country that's like Pottersville, or are we Bedford Falls?" He went on to say:

BECK: They can issue a warrant, Juan Williams, whatever. They can do it. They can fire him. They don't like his speech, Arianna Huffington can help Mr. Potter build his Potterville all she wants, but I know how the story ends. Why? Because Bedford Falls is real and so are the people. I met them at 8.28. I meet them every time I walk a few blocks past Central Park South. It's real.

You mark my words. People will mock this monologue because I told you that that's real. Meanwhile, the people that are mocking me choose Potterville. Once brings misery and the other brings freedom and hope and joy.

It's not easy but Bedford Falls becomes Potterville. It does, if you don't understand that you make a difference. The moment we accept that we cannot be the best people we were meant to be at the minute, the minute one of us says, "I don't make a difference," that's when we become Potterville. I told you to go out and vote. I ask you to do more than vote for a candidate. I ask you every day: reach inside of yourself and vote for George Bailey and Bedford Falls every day because Bedford Falls exists. [Glenn Beck, 10/21/10, via Nexis]

Beck: Wilmington Event Will Be Like It's A Wonderful Life "But Real." Asking viewers to "come or witness on television an amazing, unforgettable Christmas experience," Beck promoted his event in Wilmington, saying: "It is going to be the last scene of It's a Wonderful Life, I think." He also said: "I want you to know that this isn't some pie in the sky dream that we can all live together and we can all help each other. I mean, this is happening. It's real. 'It's a Wonderful Life,' except that it's not a movie. It's real." [Glenn Beck, 11/22/10, via Nexis]

Beck: "Moms Must View Themselves As Sarah Connor ... From The Terminator." Talking to a caller who said that "moms can do a lot and my new little slogan is 'refuse to do nothing,' " Beck said to her, "You keep moving. You're in the right direction. ... You keep the truth alive. That truth is -- I've been saying this for, how many years now? Moms must view themselves as Sarah Connor." Beck repeated: "Moms must begin to view themselves as Sarah Connor. They are -- Sarah Connor from The Terminator." He then joked: "Our children are going to do battle with giant robots from the future," adding, "No, I'm kidding." [The Glenn Beck Program, 9/30/09]

Beck: "Women Are The Sarah Connor Of The Real World." Hosting best-selling authors to talk about "the importance that heroes and superheroes play in our children's lives," Beck expressed concern for the future and said: "I believe that women are the Sarah Connor of the real world. I think moms need to teach their kids everything they need to know and prepare them and dads do, too. I want more examples with my kids to be able to show them real people making real decisions that are tough, and do heroic things." [Glenn Beck, 12/21/09, via Nexis]

The Villains

Beck: George Soros Is Emperor Palpatine. During a show devoted to demonizing the Tides Foundation and attacking a project the group sponsors, Beck said: "This is the latest from George Soros -- spooky dude George Soros. I swear to you -- you've got to watch I think it's Episode VI of the Star Wars movies where the emperor is like -- remember he's sitting in that big spooky chair and he turns around -- it's George Soros." [Glenn Beck, 10/15/10]

Beck: Obama Is The Sith Lord Or Darth Maul. After airing President Obama's comments about "the empire striking back," Beck's co-host Pat Gray remarked, "You know, the empire usually implies the government that's in power." Beck stated: "I don't know if Barack understands this. You are the empire. ... You're the -- I don't know -- Sith Lord. I don't know what -- George Soros is the Emperor. I don't know if you're just Darth Maul or who you are, but you're not the Emperor." Gray added: "Metaphorically speaking." [The Glenn Beck Program, 10/18/10]

Beck Invokes "Death Star" While Discussing Food Safety Bill. On his radio show, Beck said of the food safety bill making its way through Congress: "This is an extraordinarily, extraordinarily innocuous thousand-page bill. It is all full of things that just have to happen, just to keep your food safe. 'In order to keep you safe, we just have to have a few more regulations, but that's it.' Oh, this Death Star is fully operational." He then referred to the bill as the "Food Patriot Act" and attacked the "radical" Pew Center for "pushing" it. [The Glenn Beck Program, 11/19/10]

Beck: Tides Foundation And Media Matters Are Part of "The Emperor's Death Star." During a segment in which Beck accused Soros of conspiring to attack free speech, Beck said:

BECK: This is the choice we're facing: Liberty or control. The connections of these progressives - oh, they've got an old boys' network. They're working overtime to gain control. This is their opportunity, and you are seeing them now remove the mask. I told you they would about a year ago. They can't win on the battlefield of ideas so they have to resort to the battlefield of attack.

George Soros, yesterday, gave one million dollars to his favorite progressive hack site, which is nothing less than a one-million dollar bounty on my head. George, I'm a little nervous about my life and the life of my family. I don't think you should be inciting violence. There are nut jobs that might take all of your words -- union members, Color of Change, SEIU, Media Matters, Tides Foundation. Tides Foundation did 10-2-10. Those are revolutionaries. Don't incite them, please. The Emperor's Death Star is fully armed and operational. [Glenn Beck, 10/21/10]

Beck: "I Can't Tell" George Soros From Mr. Potter. On his Fox News show, Beck repeatedly compared Soros to the villain from It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Potter. Purporting to address Soros directly, Beck said: "Mr. Potter. Is that you? Because I can't tell the two of you apart anymore. America, George Soros is buying up your whole damn town." [Glenn Beck, 10/20/10, via Nexis]

Beck: "The King" In Robin Hood "Is Our Progressive President." According to Beck's version of Robin Hood, the "king is our progressive president. The bishop is the one that is co-opting the church for the king -- Jim Wallis. The sheriff is the head of the IRS, Timothy Geithner." Beck then named the "elites" as Al Gore, George Soros, Bill Clinton, GE, and Goldman Sachs, who, he claimed, are "taking from you" and "giving it -- under the guise of giving it to the poor, to their elites." Beck concluded: "That's what's happening. Hello?" [Glenn Beck, 6/7/10]

Beck Suggests There Are "Parallels" Between Robin Hood, Current Events. On his Fox News show, Beck suggested that there were "parallels" between Robin Hood and certain current events, explaining how, following Richard the Lionheart's death "after bankrupting his country," a "new king comes along" who "doesn't care" and has "fallen into an alliance with enemies of his own country." Beck concluded: "I thought -- whoa, there is no parallels here, huh?" [Glenn Beck, 6/1/10]

Beck: Obama "Is Building A Country, Almost A Software ... Like The Matrix." On his Fox News show, Beck described his "theory" that "Barack Obama is building a country, almost a software, it's like the Matrix" and that "it's running on top of the software of the Constitution or the republic that we have." [Glenn Beck, 6/19/09, via Nexis]

Beck: "The Dragon" From The Lord Of The Rings "Is Washington." On his radio show, Beck said: "I've talked to you before about Gandalf, 'You shall not pass.' Do you remember that? When he stood there at the bridge, in the cage, in the -- I don't even know what it was -- a dragon, a devil of some sort. That is who you need to be. That is who you need to be. And the dragon is Washington. You must not allow them to pass anything." He continued:

BECK: Gandalf was only one piece of the party. The party was to return the ring. Gandalf was just standing there protecting Frodo. Our Constitution is at stake and we've got to get to the mountain and restore it. And there's all kinds of problems on the way. You need to be Gandalf. Buy time. You shall not pass. [The Glenn Beck Program, 6/21/10]

Beck Compares Hillary Clinton To The Terminator. Referring to Hillary Clinton's emotional moment while talking about why she was running for president, Beck said: "Big news from New Hampshire tonight is: It cries." Beck went on to caution viewers not to "buy the hype of the tears," adding, "Apparently, Hillary Clinton isn't just running for president, but she's also making a run for the best actress nomination." He later said: "Hillary, we see what's happening here. You're losing, and this is some sort of bizarre, last-ditch strategy to ingratiate you with women, maybe? Or make you seem less like the Terminator? I mean, I've -- I wouldn't put it past you to have your eye fall out and this little red light coming out of your eye socket. I'm just saying." [CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, 1/8/08]

Beck: "I Wouldn't Be Surprised To Find Out That Everybody In Washington, D.C. Is An Android" From The Terminator. Referring to a special taping of Glenn Beck reserved for a mothers-only audience, Beck praised the mothers he met who "were getting involved just going to school board meetings." He went on to say: "[M]y radio audience has probably heard me say this for two years now ... moms, you got to realize you're Sarah Connor. I don't even know if I understood what that was when I said it or why I was saying it. You're Sarah Connor. Remember her from the 'Terminator' movies? Yes." Beck continued: "OK, mom, you don't need to do that like, oh, and then crawl backwards. You also don't need to pump iron or know how to fight robots, although that wouldn't hurt because I wouldn't be surprised to find out that everybody in Washington, D.C. is an android." [Glenn Beck, 10/2/09, via Nexis]

The Apocalypse

Beck invokes The Poseidon Adventure: "Do Not Be The One Stranded When The Water Comes Pouring In." Describing what he called "operation hemorrhage," whereby "George Soros or Wiki or any group of people ... want us to, you know, collapse, make waves and create confusion," Beck said to viewers: "May I suggest that you trust yourself? That is what WikiLeaks should have taught you. And then do what Shelley Winters and Ernest Borgnine did in The Poseidon Adventure. They followed this man." After playing a clip from the movie, in which Gene Hackman's character, Reverend Scott, warns that "if you stay here, you'll certainly die," Beck declared:

BECK: May I suggest that you become him? There are those intentionally creating chaos and there are those who will just stand there in the ballroom with the ship upside down. And they will wait for help while others try to destroy the free-market system and replace it their socialist utopia. Have truth in your life. Put yourself in a position to be independent and strong and a leader. Do not be the one stranded when the water comes pouring in. Instead, the one that lead others to the surface. [Glenn Beck, 11/29/10, via Nexis]

Beck: It's Time To Go "Down To The Cellar And Dorothy Is Left To Fend For Herself." On his Fox News show, Beck asserted that "the storm is here" and said:

BECK: Your friends can keep ignoring all the danger around, but all they have to do is look out the window and see that things are getting dicey. You are beginning to see the start of the perfect storm for America.

And now, you have to ask yourself a question: Is it time to go inside? Is it time to get down into the root cellar and protect yourself? Have you done it? No. Are you ready to batten down the hatches?

May I show you the "Wizard of Oz"? At the very beginning of "Wizard of Oz" -- this is Dorothy and she's out and she knows the storm is coming.

And you're going to see, what is it, Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Here she is and she's like, "We got to find Dorothy." And he says, "We can't wait for her. We got to get into the cellar." So, she goes down to the cellar and Dorothy is left to fend for herself.

Sometimes, this is what has to happen, or everyone is wiped out. Those who come to the party too late, those who come to the understanding that there's a storm brewing finds themselves sometimes outside while everyone else is in the storm cellar. It is time to start heading for the storm cellar because the winds are starting to howl. [Glenn Beck, 11/30/10, via Nexis]

Beck Compares Economy To The Titanic: "You've Got To Build Lifeboats." Warning that "we're headed towards" the point in The Titanic when "things in the lower decks started to get bad," Beck played scenes from the ending of the movie and said:

BECK: This is at the very end. This is the very end. But at the point just before this, the lower decks, they're starting to sense it and people right here, they're getting on to the lifeboats. Get on to the lifeboats. They're taking their time; they're being orderly.

Others are inside. They're not paying any attention. But as the water comes up, floor after floor after floor, and you see the people at the bottom, they realize that it is sinking. Then there's a problem. Then they realize and they start to come up.

When it gets to this point, it's too late. This is the point that we're headed towards. When this ship -- it's sinking now -- when it rises up, you are going to slide into the arms of somebody.

You've got to be off this ship. You've got to build lifeboats. You got to prepare your family. You have to do it because you have to help others. [Glenn Beck, 5/17/10]

Beck: "You've Been Set Up" -- Just Like In The Sting And Ocean's 11. Discussing the movie The Sting and drawing parallels in the movie to what he says is happening today, Beck said: "I believe The Sting is happening; I believe Ocean's 11 is happening -- except, you are the mark. And this is not something that they're just gonna take your money. They're taking your freedom. They're taking your control. They're taking your intellectual property. They're taking your right to pursue happiness. And you've been set up." [The Glenn Beck Program, 10/1/10]

Beck: "It Really Is The Blue Pill And The Red Pill." On his radio show, Beck described his "15 day" theory in which things "will just shimmy apart," claiming, "It's all related. It's related to what the president is saying over in India. It is related to George Soros. It is related to the birth pangs. It's all related. And once you see it, you will never see the world the same way. It really is the blue pill and the red pill. Today, beginning this week, it's blue pill and red pill." He added: "I think this is blue pill-red pill. This is The Matrix. Go back to sleep if you want to, or see the Matrix." [The Glenn Beck Program, 11/8/10]

Beck: "You Want To Find Out How Deep The Hole Is? Do You Want To Find Out Where We're Going?" Asking viewers whether they had seen The Matrix, Beck played a short clip from the movie and said: "[M]ay I give you the choice, America? Take the blue pill, turn the channel. Turn the channel. Go back to sleep. Or you want to find out how deep the hole is? Do you want to find out where we're going?" [Glenn Beck, 11/8/10, via Nexis]

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