Limbaugh Defends O'Donnell's Witchcraft Comments: Obama Has "Dabbled" In "Infanticide," "Cocaine," "Economic Destruction"


By Solange Uwimana

Rush Limbaugh came back from a three-day weekend only to jump on the newest manufactured right-wing controversy -- that President Obama may have intentionally omitted the words, "the Creator," while paraphrasing from the Declaration of Independence during a recent speech at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. "This is not a miscue," Rush intoned, adding that it's things like this that lead people to question his faith. But in the same breath, Rush speculated that this could be a "media tweak": Obama had intentionally omitted the phrase from his speech so he could get a private laugh while watching "the values voters go nuts" at their convention this past weekend. Indeed, Rush said, he does the same thing all the time. He then suggested that there was probably a pool inside the White House to see who "goes nuts over this first." He added: "And I'm trying to win the pool."

Rush spent much of the show, however, lamenting the lack of Republican "party unity," complaining about how conservatives have teamed up to bash Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell, though the goal should be 51 Senate seats. At one point, Rush claimed that the reason people were criticizing O'Donnell was because she was "an attractive conservative-slash-Republican woman." But even he knew better, as he spent an inordinate amount of time running interference for her recent comment that she "dabbled" in witchcraft. "What have the Democrats dabbled in?" he asked. He later listed several things Obama has dabbled in, including "infanticide," "cocaine," and "economic destruction."

Rush also took immense pleasure in repeatedly relaying Colin Powell's recent statement that undocumented immigrants are "all over my house, doing things whenever I call for repairs, and I'm sure you've seen them at your house. We've got to find a way to bring these people out of the darkness and give them some kind of status." Rush asked: "How many of you describe anything as being 'all over your house' unless it's vermin or roaches?" Rush later added: "My question is, to General Powell: Are there not a lot of unemployed black folks in Washington who do home repairs?"

Highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh back to attacking Colin Powell: "Powell is exactly why we have a tea party movement"

Limbaugh reliving Bush era fantasies: Powell hung Libby -- who "hadn't done anything" -- out to dry

Limbaugh: The "challenge of the tea party is to get rid of" Obama and the Democrats

Limbaugh defends O'Donnell's witchcraft comments: Obama has "dabbled" in "infanticide," "cocaine" and "economic destruction"

Limbaugh: Federal gov't is "the single largest repository of greed in the world ... including even all the tyrannical dictators"

Limbaugh: " 'Fraud' is the best way, I think, to describe this entire administration"

Limbaugh: "It's open season on attractive conservative women ... if you're a liberal Democrat"

Limbaugh: "Feminazis" have a "double standard" and attack conservative women

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