Limbaugh Declares Himself the "Defensive Coordinator" for "Our Side"


Rush Limbaugh opened today's show discussing Christine O'Donnell's primary victory in Delaware, noting that the unlikely GOP senate nominee had already raised $950,000 in campaign contributions. Limbaugh said, "'If everybody in this audience just sends her a dollar,' that's all I said. And, you couldn't get on the website for a while. We crashed it, couldn't get in." Responding to recent comments by Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) that the GOP seems to be losing room for moderates, Limbaugh said that the real question was whether or not there remains room for "Reagan conservatives." Limbaugh kicked off his second segment with a clip of Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) citing Limbaugh and Hannity as sources of falsehoods that impacted the Delaware primary.

Limbaugh, calling himself a "defensive coordinator" for conservatives, predicted that the media would paint the GOP as "a party full of Christine O'Donnells, and there's no room for moderates anymore in the Republican Party." Limbaugh said that the media would point to the Politico article about Scott Brown as evidence the GOP had little room for moderates. Limbaugh protested the discussion of soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts, saying that allowing the cuts to expire amounts to an increase in taxes from their current rate. Limbaugh noted that in any case, taxes will not be cut below current rates. Summing up the tax cut discussion, Limbaugh said, "We've lost the language."

Limbaugh said of the Obamas, "I think the White House, to them, is not a positive historical place. I think they look at the White House where a lot of really bad stuff was decided and bad stuff happened. And I don't think they like being there." Limbaugh went on to speculate that French first lady Carla Bruni released Michelle Obama's purported statement as payback for a dinner invitation the Obamas declined last year. Responding to a caller who suggested that being the first lady is Michelle Obama's first experience of being held accountable, Limbaugh said, "They've never had to be accountable before. They've had non-show-up jobs, no-show jobs." Limbaugh added, "It could well be that this is the first time in their lives they've had to work."

To finish the show, Limbaugh returned to the idea of "losing the language." Limbaugh quoted White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director John Holdren's call to replace the term "global warming" with "global climate disruption," the responded, "Means 'global warming' ain't selling anymore."

Some highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh: "I'm the defensive coordinator here for our side"

Limbaugh takes credit for O'Donnell's fundraising, brags "we crashed" her website

Limbaugh: Obamas have only had "no-show jobs," never "had to work" before

Limbaugh: Advertiser on his show is growing quickly "because more and more of you trust me"

Limbaugh: Democrats intentionally creating a "permanent underclass," Obama "seems to enjoy" American decline

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