Limbaugh: "We Don't Need To Play Around With RINOs"

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by Fae Jencks

RINOs (Republicans in name only) were the subject of most of Rush Limbaugh's scorn today, as he repeatedly advocated for what he considers a return to conservatism within the Republican Party. Limbaugh specifically targeted Delaware Congressman and Republican Senate candidate Mike Castle and expressed his support for Castle's opponent in the race, Christine O'Donnell, stating that "a Senate full of Mike Castles is not gonna get us anywhere." Rush lamented the fact that these Republicans in name only are accepted in the GOP, asking "[w]hy all of a sudden do we now want the RINOs after ... years of somewhat unity on the conservative side."

Limbaugh also criticized the treatment of female Republican candidates like Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin, citing a blogger who suggested that these women's opponents "sexualize" them and label them as "nuts and sluts." Within the hour however, Rush went into great detail describing and critiquing the appearance of a female reporter who was allegedly harassed by members of the New York Jets while reporting on their upcoming game. To Rush, the football team's alleged reaction to this "babe" standing on the sidelines was an overblown controversy and the players were just "doing what guys do." Limbaugh even used the incident as an opening to criticize the National Organization for Women and feminism, stating that "feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream."

Rush also delved into the realm of conspiracy theories. Limbaugh began his show with the claim that the media (specifically the New York Times and CBS) had "coordinated with the Democratic Party" to smear Minority Leader John Boehner. He called Boehner's Sunday interview with CBS's Bob Schieffer a "hit job" and a "set up" orchestrated by the Democrats. Rush also channeled Glenn Beck, speculating that Obama could be using the Cloward and Piven model to destroy the economy and usurp unprecedented executive power. Limbaugh stated that while "no one can prove that Obama is following" their theory, "if he's not it's a strange coincidence."

Highlights from today's show:

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