Limbaugh: Liberalism "Destroys the Middle Class"


by Sean Easter

Limbaugh opened today's show by commenting on Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's decision not to seek re-election, saying, "I haven't seen anybody asking or questioning whether or not Rahm Emanuel's corrupt enough for that job. I don't think there's any question about it but people aren't asking that." Limbaugh attempted to explain an MSNBC survey in which 60% of respondents said they believed themselves to be more attractive than average, and said, "[P]eople who are below average are now obviously lying to themselves about how above average they are." Limbaugh read a report on the US Export-Import Bank loan of $1 billion to the Mexico state oil company in 2009, using the report as evidence that "we have a president who does not like this country the way it was founded."

Limbaugh claimed that Obama advisor David Axelrod misinterpreted a recent column by former OMB director Peter Orszag on tax cuts. Responding to Axelrod's comments about the middle class, Limbaugh said, "My God, you have savaged the middle class. The middle class is in the Obama administration's crosshairs." Limbaugh then cited "any of the formerly great cities of the United States" that have been run by Democratic mayors as examples of what "socialism does to the middle class." Limbaugh said of those cities, "You will see what liberalism does to the middle class. It destroys the middle class."

Discussing up and coming Republican candidates, Limbaugh criticized political establishment powers for shutting out potential elected citizen representatives, and said that most Americans don't want to enter politics because they don't want to deal with the media scrutiny. Limbaugh concluded his show with more criticism of Obama, claiming that he got a standing ovation at today's speech because "they just wanted him to shut up."

Highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh: "We have a president who does not like this country the way it was founded"

Limbaugh: "The middle class is in the Obama administration's crosshairs"

Limbaugh: "The country is in a fight for its life ... we're in a fight for our liberty"

Limbaugh: Obama got standing ovation because "they just wanted him to shut up"

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