Limbaugh: "The 'New Normal' For Us" Is to "Accept Excrement Sandwiches"


Limbaugh quickly focused today's discussion on the planned Islamic cultural center several blocks from Ground Zero, mocking the plan with comparisons to building a mosque in the Pentagon, near the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania, and to building a "Hindu temple" near the site of Pearl Harbor. (Limbaugh later corrected himself, explaining that he misspoke and meant to say, "Shinto shrine.") Later, Limbaugh suggested a nativity scene next to the center, The New York Times, or the White House, to "see what happens." After asking why not to build the mosque farther away, Limbaugh opined, "[T]here's no question this is an act of provocation, and even Muslims know it."

Responding to the term "new normal," recently used by some economists to describe a slower-growing economy, Limbaugh discussed Sen. John Kerry's yacht, Al Gore's mansion and planes, Chelsea Clinton's wedding, and Michelle Obama's Spain vacation before saying, "But the 'new normal' for us, is to tighten our belts and to accept excrement sandwiches, some days with mustard and some days not."

Limbaugh returned to the proposed Islamic center, running off a list of bizarre, hypothetical "analogies." To wit: the victims of Bernie Madoff pooling funds to support his wife and children, Rihanna buying Chris Brown a gym membership and karate classes, and building a memorial to Timothy McVeigh near the Murrah Federal Building.

Here are some highlights from today's show:

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