Angle quoted Rove's criticism of energy legislation without noting his organization benefits from oil industry


Fox News' Jim Angle quoted Karl Rove criticizing energy reform legislation without noting that Rove's group, American Crossroads, recently accepted $1 million from an oil and gas executive.

Angle let Rove attack energy bill without noting oil and gas funding

Angle quotes Rove criticizing energy reform. During a segment on Fox News' Special Report, Angle reported that "Republicans launched a pre-emptive assault saying an oil spill is no reason to tax all forms of energy." Angle then showed a video clip of Rove stating: "This is a problem with an oil spill that is in the Gulf. Does that mean we should tax -- 50 percent of our energy in America, our electricity comes from coal."

Rove's American Crossroads received $1 million from oil and gas company's CEO. In a March 31 post, National Journal's Peter H. Stone reported that Fox News contributor Karl Rove and Republican strategist Ed Gillespie are promoting a new political advocacy group called American Crossroads, which plans to spend $60 million helping Republican candidates during the 2010 election cycle. In an April report to the IRS, American Crossroads stated that it received a $1 million contribution from Trevor Rees-Jones, president and CEO of Chief Oil and Gas LLC.

Rove routinely appears on Fox News to help GOP candidates and organizations

Rove regularly helps Republican Party candidates and organizations when on Fox. Rove frequently uses his Fox appearances to promote Republican candidates and organizations, including raising money for Republican campaigns

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