Conservative media preemptively attack Obama's bipartisan health care summit


Numerous conservative media outlets have criticized President Obama's plan to hold a bipartisan health care summit "to go through systematically all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward," by attacking the summit as a "dog and pony" show or a "PR stunt" before the event has even occurred. Additionally, some have urged Republicans not to participate.

Right-wing media criticize Obama's invitation to GOP to discuss health care reform

WSJ: Summit is staged "pseudo-event." A February 9 Wall Street Journal editorial asserted that the Obama administration's statement that health care reform efforts are "not starting over" means the summit "is intended to be a pseudo-event staged to rehabilitate a political agenda that is opposed by well over half the public." The editorial further stated, "Unless the White House gives up its most destructive health-care ambitions, the ObamaCare summit will be pointless and the political choice will be between ObamaCare and nothing."

Fox & Friends' Carlson: "[T]his is a brilliant PR stunt." From the February 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

CARLSON: This reminds me of when the president invited all those doctors to the White House lawn. Remember they all had on the white jackets, but they were all in favor of his health care reform plan. He did not invite any doctors -- a tremendous majority of the doctors in the U.S. -- who were against the health care reform. So in a way, this is a brilliant PR stunt, as Steve has mentioned.

Fox Nation: "Dog & Pony? Obama Announces Health Care C-SPAN Meeting." From Fox Nation on February 9:

Fox Nation: Dog and Pony?

Limbaugh: "[T]his is nothing more than a trap. During the February 8 edition of his radio show, Rush Limbauh stated that "the Republicans have to be very, very careful here because this is nothing more than a trap." Asserting that "[t]his is no time for bipartisanship," Limbaugh added, "This is a setup because Obama wants to be able to blame this on the Republicans when in fact it is his own party that's been saying 'no' to itself."

Fox Nation: "Is Obama's Health Care Meeting a Trap?" On February 9, Fox Nation linked to Limbaugh's commentary:

Fox Nation: Is Obama's health care meeting a trap?

Malkin: "Obama's Kabuki summit invitation: Just say no." In a February 8 blog post titled, "Obama's Kabuki summit invitation: Just say no," Michelle Malkin wrote, "Unlike the question-time session with Republicans, the White House political machine will be in full control of the staging. Republicans should feel zero obligation to participate in yet another White House health care dog-and-pony show." Malkin added, "If Obama really wants to learn about GOP health care reform plans, he can look them up online, where they have been for months."

Erickson: Summit is "invitation to use a gaggle of Republicans to rehabilitate our socialist President." RedState blogger Erick Erickson wrote on February 8 that "[i]f Barack Obama cannot be genuine and interested in Republican ideas when the cameras are turned off, there is absolutely no way he can be genuine and sincere with the cameras turned on." He added, "Unless Barack Obama says they should scrap the present plans and start over, the GOP should not entertain his invitation to use a gaggle of Republicans to rehabilitate our socialist President."

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