After on-screen text misspells Weekly Standard's "McMormack," Hannity attacks Coakley's spelling

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On his Fox News program, Sean Hannity attacked Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley's campaign for misspelling the state's name in a recent campaign advertisement. Earlier in his program, a caption identified The Weekly Standard's John McCormack as "McMormack."

From the January 13 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

HANNITY: Well, I also think if you run an ad in Massachusetts, your home state, and you want to be their senator, you ought to know how to spell the word, or your campaign ought to be able to spell the state's name.

Earlier in the program, caption ID'd Weekly Standard writer "McMormack"

During an interview with The Weekly Standard's John McCormack, the on-screen text referred to him as "McMormack":

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