Dick Morris again using Fox News to fundraise for group that pays him


On Hannity, Dick Morris again used an appearance on Fox News to raise money for an organization in which he has a financial interest, directing viewers to his website, DickMorris.com, and urging them to learn "how to contribute to 10-second ads we are now running" against health care reform plans, adding, "I really hope people can make it possible for us to do that." Morris is the chief strategist for the League of American Voters, the group running the ads warning about "rationing" of health care, and he has a history of appearing on Fox News programs to advance the interests of organizations that pay him.

Morris asked Fox News viewers to "contribute to 10-second ads we are now running"

From the September 21 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

MORRIS: By the way, I just want to say that the -- on my website, DickMorris.com, I'll tell you how to contribute to 10-second ads we are now running.

SEAN HANNITY (host): On health care?

MORRIS: Where we say, "Mr. Baucus, don't cut my Medicare by $500 billion. I need my Medicare."

HANNITY: All right.

MORRIS: And we're going to run that in each of these states. So, I really hope people can make it possible for us to do that.

HANNITY: Dick, appreciate you being with us. Thank you.

Morris' website features League of American Voters ad, solicits donations

From DickMorris.com [accessed September 22]:


Morris has apparent financial stake in League of American Voters

Morris "consulting" League of American Voters as "the chief strategist for the organization." During an appearance on Fox News' On the Record, Morris described the League of American Voters as "a conservative group that is opposed to health care, Obama's health care proposal and feels very strongly about it." Morris further stated that "the point that I made to them in my consulting with them was that this debate has to be focused on the elderly. ... [I]f you're going to back the Democratic Party off this bill, it's got to be by explaining to the elderly what this bill means." During the segment, host Greta Van Susteren noted that Morris is "the chief strategist for the organization the League of American Voters." [On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, 8/28/09]

Morris "helped create" and fundraise for ad claiming reform will "hurt our seniors." In a letter posted on the League of American Voters' website, Morris stated that he "helped create" an ad that "explains the threat Obama Care poses to all Americans, especially seniors" and asked for donations to distribute the ad:

Recently, I worked with the League of American Voters, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating American voters about the threat posed by Obama Care.

It was put together a powerful television ad that I helped create, featuring a respected a neurosurgeon, who explains the threat Obama Care poses to all Americans, especially seniors.

The League of American Voters needs to air this TV ad in key states in the coming weeks.

Americans need to see this ad all over the place. congressmen and Senators need to see this ad and hear about it.

I believe this is just the first step in turning back Obama Care.

The League of American Voters needs your urgent help today.

There are 40 Democratic Congressman who are from districts John McCain won in the last election.

They may listen carefully to what their constituents are saying. We especially need to let the voters in those districts know exactly what their member of Congress is doing in Washington.

The League is trying to raise $5 million to stop Obama Care by airing this and other ads in these 40 key districts. We can do it, but we need your help today. [original emphasis]

FoxNews.com further reported that as "chief strategist" of the League of American Voters, Morris "conceptualized the advertisement and said its purpose was to 'refocus' the debate on health care reform." [FoxNews.com, 8/27/09]

League's executive director: Morris "crafted our ads and national campaign." Following Sen. Ted Kennedy's death, Bob Adams, executive director of the League of American Voters, stated in a fundraising letter that "Dick Morris says the League of American Voters is the 'the number one group today fighting Obama Care, they deserve your support.' Dick is the League's chief strategist and actually crafted our ads and national campaign."

Morris previously ignored his apparent financial ties while promoting National Republican Trust PAC on Fox News

Morris asked Fox viewers to "give funds to GOPTrust.com" without noting his apparent financial ties to the organization. Between October 27, 2008, and November 17, 2008, Morris mentioned GOPTrust.com during at least 13 Fox News appearances and asked viewers to "give funds to GOPTrust.com," the website of the National Republican Trust PAC, without disclosing that the organization has paid $24,000 to a company apparently connected to Morris. Through publicly available records with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Media Matters for America found that GOPTrust.com paid Triangulation Strategies at least $24,000 from the beginning of October 2008 to November 24, 2008, mostly for "Email Communication." The "Mailing Address" for Triangulation Strategies is listed in one of the National Republican Trust PAC's FEC filings as "dickmorris.com."

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