Maggie Gallagher adopted dubious claim that Dems used "threat[s]" in NH gay marriage debate


Maggie Gallagher repeated the dubious claim that the Democratic Party "threaten[ed] [New Hampshire Democratic] state senators" if they did not support the state's same-sex marriage bill, without noting that the state's Democratic Party chairman has disputed the allegation.

In a May 4 post on the National Review Online blog, The Corner, syndicated columnist Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, claimed that "gay-marriage advocates ... got the national Democratic party to threaten [New Hampshire Democratic] state senators with retaliation if they didn't toe the line" by supporting the state's same-sex marriage bill, and that these "threat[s]" included "primary opponents, or even moving the presidential primary date out of NH." Gallagher sourced the claim to an April 30 entry on the Now! Hampshire blog by former GOP consultant Patrick Hynes, who cited anonymous "Democratic State House sources" in alleging that New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley "played [the] primary card" during "closed-door negotiations." However, Gallagher did not note that Buckley has disputed Hynes' allegations, calling them "fabricated lies by the NH Republican party."

In an email posted on the blog DemConWatch, Buckley wrote of Hynes' claims:

The lie of any pressure by me or the lie of any connection to the primary are fabricated lies by the NH Republican party. The source is a new website created by the NH Republicans to spin lies, it is their latest effort as they flail away as they sink lower and lower into total irrelevancy. Patrick Hynes (, a NH mudslinger operates (Google Hynes and you will be fascinated with his efforts).

The reason for the lie is they refuse to believe the truth: the state senators chose to support marriage equality because they felt it was the right thing to do. Each of the senators came to that conclusion on their own. Two of the senators have gay children and three have gay nieces or nephews. Others who have faced discrimination for one reason or another in their lives felt compelled to support the legislation others heard from hundreds of their constituents supporting marriage equality.

The Republicans are trying to make the vote into something sinister and ugly. Don't let them get away with it.

As Media Matters for America has noted, Hynes was reportedly hired in May 2006 by Straight Talk America, Sen. John McCain's political action committee, but failed to disclose his involvement with the McCain campaign until July of that year. During those two months, Hynes wrote several posts on his now-defunct blog promoting McCain's candidacy and criticizing McCain's opponents in the 2008 Republican primary. According to National Review Online blogger Jim Geraghty, Hynes wrote Geraghty an email acknowledging that he should have disclosed his ties to McCain.

Hynes has also made inflammatory comments, including calling the Democratic Party "anti-Christian" and suggesting that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) be nicknamed "Pig Man." A poster on the conservative website using the pseudonym "Kerry Crusher" -- identified on FreeRepublic as Hynes -- also characterized Chelsea Clinton as "hideously ugly."

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