Wash. Times' soft bigotry of low expectations -- cites Bush's "high" 45% approval on dealing with terrorism

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In an August 22 article on the results of a just-released Gallup poll, The Washington Times reported that "[v]oters gave Mr. Bush high marks on dealing with terrorism." The August 13-16 poll, which had a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points, found that President Bush has a 45-percent approval rating on the issue of terrorism, while 52 percent disapproved of how he is handling terrorism. Moreover, Bush's approval rating on terrorism, which the Times called "high marks," "is just one point above his low terrorism approval rating of 44% from January," according to Gallup.

From the Washington Times article:

Voters have not held Congress in such low esteem since Gallup recorded another 18 percent job-approval rating during the congressional check-bouncing scandal in March 1992 or a 19 percent rating during crippling gasoline shortages in the summer of 1979.

President Bush's job-approval rating held steady at 32 percent in the poll of 1,019 adults conducted Monday through Thursday last week. Voters gave Mr. Bush high marks on dealing with terrorism and low scores on foreign affairs and the Iraq war, pollsters said.

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