NY Times' Kristof purported to fault presidential candidates but mentioned only Democrats


In his March 18 column (subscription required), The New York Times' Nicholas D. Kristof criticized "American politicians" for not being open and honest in their discussions of the United States' relationship with Israel. "There is no serious political debate among either Democrats or Republicans about our policy toward Israelis and Palestinians," Kristof wrote. "And that silence harms America, Middle East peace prospects and Israel itself."

Kristof also bemoaned the fact that "no major American candidate is willing today to be half as critical of hard-line Israeli government policies as, say, Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper." The columnist then highlighted recent comments from Democratic candidates Sen. Barack Obama (IL) -- for which Kristof noted that Obama "has been scolded" -- and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY). But nowhere in his column did Kristof refer to any of the Republican candidates and their public comments about Israel.

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