CNN's Roberts cites Lieberman as a "Democrat" who does not "oppose the president"


On the January 21 edition of CNN's This Week at War, contrary to Sen. Joe Lieberman's (CT) own reported preference, CNN senior national correspondent John Roberts called Lieberman a "Democrat from Connecticut" in claiming that "not all Democrats oppose the president" on the question of a U.S. troop increase in Iraq.

As Media Matters for America documented, on January 12, Congressional Quarterly reported that "Lieberman has asked to be called an Independent Democrat" and added: "[I]f the compound modifier that the senator prefers was not going to take hold, then Lieberman's second choice is to be described as an Independent" rather than being described as a "Democrat."

From the January 21 edition of CNN's This Week at War:

ROBERTS: Used to be you'd get calls if you said they were at odds with the president. Now if they agree with the president, you're getting calls. But remarkably, not all Democrats oppose the president. Here's what Senator Joe Lieberman, Democrat from Connecticut had to say about the plan on Thursday.

LIEBERMAN [video clip]: I support the president's proposals because I believe we have so much on the line in Iraq. I think those who oppose the president's ideas have an obligation, responsibility to propose an alternative course that offers the hope of success.

ROBERTS: [CNN chief White House correspondent] Ed Henry, you know, we're hearing some of these prominent people like Lieberman, like [Sen. John] McCain [R-AZ], like [former New York City Mayor] Rudy Giuliani [R] supporting the president. Does that give him any comfort, or is the chorus of voices against him so big that he's really all alone?

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