Beck anticipates show's cancellation -- even before it airs


Even before the May 8 debut of his one-hour prime-time talk show on CNN Headline News, right-wing radio host Glenn Beck is inviting visitors to his website to guess the "exact date" of the show's demise. Those who go to and click on the link "When Will the TV Show Get Cancelled" are given the opportunity to submit their prediction.

As Media Matters for America has noted, following reports in January of CNN's decision to hire Beck -- in spite of Beck's history of outrageous, bigoted, and offensive comments -- he has provided the cable network with many reasons to reconsider its decision. Given that, since the news of Beck's hiring, he has referred to Cindy Sheehan as a "pretty big prostitute," former President Jimmy Carter as a "waste of skin," and Mexico as a country "run by nothing but criminals," Media Matters has raised the question: What would it take to have CNN cancel his contract?

Now, Beck appears to think such reconsideration might be imminent

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