CNN's "Strategy Session" featured endorsement of Scalia for chief justice -- from the " liberal " panelist


During the "Strategy Session" feature on the July 1 edition of CNN's Inside Politics, which paired conservative pundit Robert D. Novak with Jack Valenti, who presumably represents a progressive viewpoint, Valenti endorsed far-right Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for the chief justice slot that would open up if current Chief Justice William Rehnquist joins Sandra Day O'Connor in retiring.

CNN's choice of "contributor" Jack Valenti to represent the progressive viewpoint is an odd one, given his lack of recent experience in partisan politics. After leaving his job in the Johnson White House in 1966, Valenti spent nearly four decades as the head of the Motion Picture Association of America before retiring in 2004.

From CNN's Inside Politics "Strategy Session" segment:

VALENTI: If Justice Rehnquist, chief justice, retires, I would very much say that [current Attorney General Alberto R.] Gonzales would be one of the two appointees, and I also predict that Justice Scalia would be named to be chief justice, which would, in my judgment, I think, would be great; he is a great legal scholar.

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