Hyman correction on "The Point" missed the point

Hyman correction on "The Point" missed the point


On the March 5 edition of "The Point," Sinclair Broadcast Group vice president Mark Hyman acknowledged that his February 16 attack on University of Iowa adjunct assistant professor of rhetoric Ted Remington was wrong in one regard, saying, "We regret the error." But Hyman did not address the larger issue: that his attack on Remington was based on information taken grossly out of context, which he used to argue that American universities are home to "unemployable individuals [who] are paid to proselytize intellectually bankrupt viewpoints." Hyman also did not mention why the February 16 edition of "The Point" disappeared from Sinclair's News Central website on February 24, after Media Matters for America had noted several distortions in the February 16 broadcast.

The February 16 edition of "The Point" smeared Remington by distorting an explanation of plagiarism in an online description of one of his courses, as Media Matters detailed. Not only was that explanation of plagiarism misattributed to Remington, it was taken out of context to make it seem as though Remington did not consider plagiarism to be a serious offense, when in fact the sentence prior to the one excerpted by Hyman described plagiarism as "a serious academic offense." Hyman then mocked Remington, saying, "'If you need to plagiarize, could you at least turn your assignments in on time? I've got a skim latté waiting for me down at the campus coffee house.'"

On the March 5 edition of "The Point," Hyman read an excerpt of an email from Remington, noting only that Remington was not the author of the course description and failing to address his own misrepresentation of the plagiarism policy:

HYMAN: Ted Remington of Iowa University [sic] emailed that the citation regarding plagiarism attributed to him was not his policy, but was instead included in the notes for the course he teaches. He emailed, "I am currently teaching that course, but I had no hand in the preparation of any of the materials for it. It was put together by a group of senior department faculty. I deserve neither credit [n]or blame for it." We regret the error.

Though not identified as such by Hyman, Remington also authors "The Counterpoint," a weblog featuring near-daily refutations to "The Point." The original item smearing Remington can be viewed at the website of SinclairAction.com, a coalition of groups and individuals, led by Media Matters, protesting Sinclair's continued misuse of public airwaves to broadcast one-sided, politically charged programming without a counterpoint.

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