Deceitful episode of "The Point" vanished from Sinclair's website


The February 16 edition of Sinclair Broadcast Group's "The Point" -- which smeared two university professors and a college women's studies program -- disappeared from the website of News Central, Sinclair's news operation.

Transcripts and video of "The Point" for the past month are posted at News Central; while the February 15 and 17 editions of "The Point" remain available, both the transcript and video for the February 16 edition have been removed.

Media Matters for America noted that on the February 16 edition of "The Point," Sinclair vice president Mark Hyman distorted statements and took them out of context to argue that American universities are home to "unemployable individuals [who] are paid to proselytize intellectually bankrupt viewpoints." One of the professors Hyman attacked, University of Iowa adjunct assistant professor of rhetoric Ted Remington, is also the author of a weblog titled The Counterpoint, which features near-daily refutations of "The Point"; Hyman identified Remington simply as "The University of Iowa's Ted Remington," without noting that he is a critic of "The Point."

The video of the missing February 16 edition of "The Point" is available at, a coalition of groups and individuals, led by Media Matters, protesting Sinclair's continued misuse of public airwaves to broadcast one-sided, politically charged programming without a counterpoint.

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