CNN's Woodruff: "I think we're ready to hire Karl Rove right now."


From the February 3 edition of CNN's Inside Politics:

WOODRUFF: Here's a teaser of a question: Is Karl Rove looking for a new job? The president's senior adviser ran into our [CNN senior White House correspondent] John King today during Mr. Bush's Social Security event in Fargo, North Dakota. Look at what happened.

[Video clip begins]

ROVE: Step aside, I'll be happy to do it. [Takes King's microphone] The president is making an incredible presentation to the audience here in Fargo, North Dakota. The crowd has received an overwhelming -- his reform message of Social Security. The crowd broke into a strong applause when the president attacked the mainstream media --

KING: It's not bad. I'd keep your day job, but that's not bad.

[Video clip ends]

WOODRUFF: I'd say more than not bad. I think we're ready to hire Karl Rove right now. We'll start -- we'll make the phone call right after the show.

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