Sinclair VP: "The Point" had "a tremendous response to the efforts by fringe groups and obscure individuals trying to silence this commentator"


Sinclair Broadcast Group vice president Mark Hyman devoted the January 22 "Mailbag" edition of "The Point" to reading viewer comments about "the efforts by fringe groups and obscure individuals trying to silence this commentator."

In December 2004, Media Matters for America launched the Sinclair Action campaign to protest Sinclair's continued misuse of public airwaves for one-sided and misleading politically charged programming -- including Hyman's "The Point" -- without a counterpoint. The campaign encourages Sinclair to offer equal airtime to a counterpoint that would balance the content of their news programming.

From the January 22 edition of "The Point:"

This week's mailbag had a tremendous response to the efforts by fringe groups and obscure individuals trying to silence this commentator.

Peter of Round Pond, Maine, wrote "[your] viewpoint is one-sided." Ralph in Springfield, Illinois, thinks I am "a paranoid, misinformed Rush Limbaugh wannabe." Bud from Columbus emailed, "You are a smug little Nazi." Chuck in Palmyra, Illinois, was mixed in his reaction, writing that sometimes he doesn't "know whether to pat you on the back or take you out back and kick your butt!"

Mark, a Canadian from London, Ontario, had a larger view of American society. He now lives in China, which he called the "friendly dragon" where he is now "cheering for the Iraqis." He thinks little of the average American that he says is "30 pounds overweight, likes his football and beer, porno, dislikes most things foreign, hates gays, loves God and his gun." Then Mark complained about how difficult it is to get a visa to the U.S. Mark, why would you want to visit a people and a country you detest?

On the other hand, Polly in Clyde, North Carolina, emailed: "Your comments encourage us every time we hear them." James in Chicopee, Massachusetts, agrees, "It is refreshing to hear your comments." Melody in Duncan, South Carolina, noted, "I love it when you point out the truth, even if it hurts." Kim in Chatham, Illinois, asked, "Why is it that hate-filled celebrities can use foul and vulgar language ... others can create 'crockumentaries' ... and yet when the right speaks, they demand our silence"? Keith in Kittery, Maine, sees "The Point" countering "the outrageous liberal commentaries every day in almost every facet of the media." And 17-year-old Shawna of Lexington wrote "People that write you hate comments obviously don't like the truth."

Finally, Jeannie of Columbus sent this note: "When I first started listening to your commentary, I thought you were a pompous dweeb ... however, I find that either I, too, am becoming a pompous dweeb, or my initial impression was shortsighted and you really do make a lot of good sense." Jeannie, for both of us, let's hope it's the latter.

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I'm Mark Hyman.

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