FOX's Gallagher: giving blankets to illegal immigrants is "kind of like offering a burglar" tools for a break-in


Nationally syndicated radio host and frequent FOX News contributor Mike Gallagher compared giving blankets to illegal immigrants to "offering a burglar the right tools to break into somebody's house." Gallagher made the assertion while substitute hosting the December 22 edition of FOX News' Hannity & Colmes.

Referencing a December 21 Associated Press report that "Border Patrol is equipping agents in Southern Arizona with blankets and 'heat packs' to treat illegal immigrants who falter in the cold during border crossings," Gallagher said: "Isn't that kind of like offering a burglar the right tools to break into somebody's house?" He then reiterated the comparison, declaring that illegal immigrants "are basically criminals breaking the law to sneak in here [the United States], like the burglar sneaks into our house in the middle of the night."

Media Matters for America has noted previous examples of Gallagher's distortions and scurrilous attacks, including his remark that former Vice President Al Gore and Adolf Hitler were "brilliantly put together side by side" in a Bush-Cheney '04 campaign ad. His radio program, The Mike Gallagher Show, has more than 2.5 million weekly listeners, making him one of the twelve most popular radio hosts, according to TALKERS Magazine. He is the eighth most recognized radio personality, according to Texas-based market-research firm The Benchmark Company. Gallagher's website is currently featuring his invitation to President Bush's December 16 White House holiday reception.

In addition to being a FOX News contributor and guest host, Gallagher is also a "pundit" for the right-wing website

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