Imus anchor on Palestinians: "Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill 'em all right now"


MSNBC's Imus in the Morning offered derisive, racist commentary about Palestinians during the November 12 funeral of deceased Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat. Regular Imus guest and sports anchor Sid Rosenberg referred to Palestinians as "stinking animals" and suggested: "They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill 'em all right now." On November 19, the program broadcast a radio segment featuring a guest -- parodying General George S. Patton, Jr. -- who said that the recent report of a U.S. Marine shooting an unarmed, injured Iraqi insurgent provided the enemy "with another cozy 'al Jazeera moment' for the Muslim masses to respond to with their routine pack-of-rabid-sheep mentality." The guest also referred to a deceased Iraqi insurgent as "a booby-trapped raghead cadaver."

From the November 12 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:

DON IMUS, host: They're [Palestinians] eating dirt and that fat pig wife [Suha Arafat] of his is living in Paris.

ROSENBERG: They're all brainwashed, though. That's what it is. And they're stupid to begin with, but they're brainwashed now. Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill 'em all right now.

BERNARD MCGUIRK, producer: You can just imagine standing there.

ROSENBERG: Oh, the stench.

IMUS: Well, the problem is that we have Andrea [Mitchell, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent] there. We don't want anything to happen to her.

ROSENBERG: Oh, she's got to get out. Just warn Andrea, get out, and then drop the bomb, kill everybody.

MCGUIRK: It's like the worst Woodstock.

ROSENBERG: Look at this. Look at these animals. Animals!

From the November 19 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:

IMUS: [voiceover] Alright, here now, Imus in Washington senior military affairs adviser, the late General George S. Patton, Jr.

VOICEOVER PARODY OF PATTON: At ease. I am here this morning to briefly discuss the subject of moral outrage -- specifically, mine. You probably are familiar with the matter I'm referring to: the United States Marine shooting a prostrate Iraqi insurgent who, just one day before, had been cowardly -- and in violation of the rules of warfare -- gunning for our boys from inside a Muslim mosque -- a shooting conveniently caught on videotape by an embedded NBC News crew. Convenient, indeed -- and not for us, for them -- the sons of bitches we're fighting! -- providing them with another cozy "al Jazeera moment" for the Muslim masses to respond to with their routine pack-of-rabid-sheep mentality.

General Sherman [Union general during the Civil War] perhaps said it best: "War is hell" -- a phrase I myself noted now and again during my war, when we beat the hell out of another gang of fascists who'd sworn allegiance to a no-good bastard with a mustache. Well people, it is still hell -- as the young Marine who plugged that bastard clearly understood from the previous day's combat when he had lost a comrade to a booby-trapped raghead cadaver and had gotten shot in the face himself. Was the NBC News embed unit there to record any of that, so that we could witness that bit of action from our living room sofas? Apparently not. Rather, we are treated to this episode, without benefit of combat context, so that we can have our knee-jerk "moral confusion" and guilt buttons pushed.

And pushed by what? By pictures of a soldier dispatching an enemy combatant who had sworn fidelity to some bearded fatwa fairy who relishes the idea of cutting our heads off with a rusty bread knife and who will stop at nothing to kill us even if it means he himself dies in a [bleeped]-damn suicide attack. Patton rule of war No. 1: you are not there to die for your cause. You are there to make the other miserable son of a bitch die for his! To help the United States of America achieve that end, I will now suggest a place where you can "embed" that TV camera: up your butt! I hope that's not too "morally confusing." Thank you for your attention. That is all.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) demanded an apology from MSNBC for both of these incidents.

Imus in the Morning airs on MSNBC and on New York's Sports Radio 66 WFAN.

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