Stephen Moore listed polygamy as a "core value" of the Left


In a November 17 National Review Online column, Club for Growth president, National Review Online financial columnist, and National Review contributing editor Stephen Moore listed the "core values" of the American Left:

When you get a fanny-whupping like the Left got on Election Day -- when every one of your core values (tax hikes on the rich, abortion on demand, government-run health care, reparation payments for slavery, one-world government, polygamy) has been rejected by your bigoted and narrow-minded fellow citizens -- it's cowardly to stick around.

Polygamy, the practice of being married to more than one spouse at one time, is illegal throughout the United States.

Club for Growth is a Republican political action committee whose members strive to "help elect candidates who support the [former President Ronald] Reagan vision of limited government and lower taxes."

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