Savage on Madeleine Albright: "Thank God that hag will disappear"


On November 3, nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage presented his tally of the winners and losers in the 2004 presidential election. He said Senator John Kerry will be "unknown in three months," recommending that the former presidential candidate not "fly in a single-engine aircraft." Savage also called former secretary of state Madeleine Albright "a monster in a dress" and said philanthropist George Soros is "not a loyal American" and "dirt." Savage said John E. O'Neill and the anti-Kerry group he co-founded, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (now Swift Vets and POWs for Truth), deserves a "citizens' honor" award from President George W. Bush. Savage said radio host Rush Limbaugh deserves an award as well, though he called Limbaugh's unwavering support of Bush "nauseating." Speaking about Senator Tom Daschle's loss in the South Dakota senate race, Savage claimed that Daschle came to power "largely on the teepee vote", and that some have suggested he "take a job as a greeter at an Indian casino".

From the November 3 broadcast of Savage Nation:

SAVAGE: The biggest loser is obviously John Kerry. He'll be unknown in three months. You'll forget him completely. He was virtually an invisible senator. They drug him up out of nowhere. They put him out in the mix. He was ripped to shreds by [former presidential candidate] Al Sharpton and the other Democrats during the primaries, if you remember. And now suddenly, they then elect him to godhead and suddenly it's "all hail Kerry." Well now it's "all forget Kerry," because he didn't make it, and there's nothing worse than a politician who didn't make it. The guy is now on the ash heap of history. If I were him, however, and I don't mean to be cruel about this, I would not recommend that he fly in a single-engine aircraft over the next --

Another few people you're not going to hear from. Madeleine Albright. Thank God that hag will disappear. Remember, she was gone and forgotten -- I mean, she was a monster. She was a monster. She reversed the rules of [Prussian military philosopher Carl von] Clausewitz. She bombed the poor Serbian civilians, civilian population, without negotiating with them. She was a monster in a dress. Yet she painted herself as this compassionate woman. You look at her, it's like a funhouse in Coney Island. The horror house in Coney Island when you're five couldn't be more terrifying than this.

[Former President] Jimmy Carter, you won't hear from him any more.

Now, another huge loser: George Tsoris [Yiddish word meaning "trouble and suffering"; Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew who survived the Nazi occupation of communist Budapest]. You know him as George Soros. I renamed him George Tsoris because he's really got tsoris right now. Soros has real tsoris, and the reason is that he said, "I'm gonna do what I can to unseat President Bush. I'll spend my whole fortune to knock him out of office." He made a real enemy there. And it turns out that, at the end of the day, it's the power that matters, not the money. And I think this carpetbagger really oughta fuel up one of his jets and get the hell out of this country while the getting is good. That'd be my recommendation. Go back where you came from, Soros, because you're not a loyal American, I don't care what you say. As far as I'm concerned, you're dirt for what you did in this country. It's one thing to back a candidate. It's another thing to present lies like you did. It's another thing to spent 15 million dollars of your own money or more, God knows how much more, trying to swing an election.


SAVAGE: Some other big winners in this election, another big winner are the Swift Boat Veterans. They should be given whatever prizes can be given by a president. I believe Mr. [John E.] O'Neill and the other veterans should be given some kind of citizens' honor. They defeated Kerry. They shot the torpedoes into his campaign, often and soon, and they kept shooting them. And believe me, they hit home. And now, you know, people started questioning Kerry's boasting, playing himself as a hero. That's what started the undermining of his campaign.


SAVAGE: I'm not gonna say that he [Bush] owes Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage an award. He owes Rush one. He doesn't owe me one because Rush was basically carrying water for him from day one, almost embarrassingly, to be very honest with you. I would cringe every time I'd turn his show on. I thought it was just nauseating that every day you salute someone as though he's a descendant of the holy one. He can't be. He's only a human being. [...] He [Limbaugh] helped sweep him [Bush] into power.


SAVAGE: But now the hard work begins. That is the hard work of having Mr. Bush and [Bush's chief political aide] Mr. [Karl] Rove understand that we gave them a mandate to help us social conservatives.


SAVAGE: [Senator Tom Daschle] Came to power on fourteen votes originally, largely on the teepee vote, you know but it's no longer Tippecanoe and Tyler too. The question is: what is Daschle gonna do? Now, some have suggested, and I... I don't know whether he will accept their advice, that he take a job as a greeter at an Indian casino. I don't know whether he will follow up on that advice.

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