Meet the Press continues to skew panels rightward


On October 24, NBC's Meet the Press continued the pattern of skewing its media roundtable discussions to the right (noted by Media Matters for America here and here). Of the last twelve Meet the Press media panels*, seven were skewed to the right, pitting conservative columnists or pundits against nonpartisan journalists, with no progressive columnists or pundits; five were balanced and none skewed left.

The October 24 Meet the Press panel featured:

  • David Broder, Washington Post political correspondent;
  • John Harwood, Wall Street Journal national political editor; and
  • Gwen Ifill,** PBS's Washington Week moderator and managing editor and PBS's The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer senior correspondent; and
  • Byron York, National Review White House correspondent.
  • *MMFA examined Meet the Press panels in which at least three participants appeared together and at least one of those participants was a media figure.

    **MMFA initially omitted Gwen Ifill from this list. Thanks to an alert reader for bringing it to our attention.

    Media Ethics
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