Cameron kibitzes pre-interview with Bush in 2000; says wife campaigning with Bush sister


Taken from Robert Greenwald's film, Outfoxed, this clip shows partof a 2000 of an interview in which FOX News Channel chief political correspondent Carl Cameron told then-candidate George W. Bush how delighted Cameron's wife was with the opportunity to campaign with Bush's sister and talked about Bush's "counter punches" against his opponent, former Vice President Al Gore. Cameron claimed that the editing of the clip in the film created the impression of bias on Cameron's part.

Watch the video here.

CAMERON: ... for Carl to say now "Carl, you can't tell this from the satellite feeds 'cause I know you're in your desk in Washington, but, you know, Governor Bush does have a halo and wings, just take my word for it." And how the hell would I know?

You having fun still?

BUSH: Yeah, I'm doing great. I am.

CAMERON: You look like you've been dealing with Gore effectively, he's, uh ...

BUSH: Yeah, he's punching a lot, you know.

CAMERON: But that gives you your chance to do your counter punches.

BUSH: I think it does, it really does, I think I'm in pretty good shape. He's evidently coming to state tomorrow to make a big thing.

CAMERON: I'm gonna ask you about it. San Antonio, talk about budget and health care and all that kind of stuff. It seems to me to be a total non-issue, I mean, you've got a surplus.

BUSH: We do have a surplus, and the comptroller, I don't know if you know this.


BUSH: She coming out tomorrow again.

CAMERON: With...

BUSH: With a higher number.

CAMERON: Really. Are you prepared to talk about it?

BUSH: No, I don't, I, uh uh.


BUSH: I'm just giving you a heads up, so you'll know.

CAMERON: My head is up.

BUSH: But I don't know the number.


BUSH: And she won't tell anybody the number. It's kind of a tradition in Texas.

CAMERON: Is she appointed, elected, what's the deal there?

BUSH: Elected by the people.

CAMERON: Republican or Democrat?

BUSH: Republican.

CAMERON: That helps.

BUSH: Well, she's independently elected.

CAMERON: Understood.

BUSH: She's got a job to do.

CAMERON: Absolutely.

BUSH: And she's not gonna give out numbers that aren't real.


BUSH: It's not my, uh. Obviously if she were my accountant, it would take a little bit of credibility out of the process.

CAMERON: Sure, of course it would.

BUSH: Anyway, things are good. Your family?

CAMERON: Very well. My wife has been hanging out with your sister.

BUSH: Yeah, good, my county ...

CAMERON: Doro's been all over the state campaigning, and Pauline has been constantly with her. Umm.

BUSH: Doro is a good person.

CAMERON: Oh, and she's been terrific. To hear Pauline tell it, when she first started campaigning for you, she was a little bit nervous.

BUSH: Yeah.

CAMERON: But now she's up there.

BUSH: Getting her stride?

CAMERON: Doesn't need notes, she's going to crowds, and she's got the whole riff down.

BUSH: She's a good soul.

CAMERON: She's having fun, too.

BUSH: She's a really good soul.

CAMERON: Yesterday I ended up not working because my 10-year-old son went to basketball camp. First time he's ever been away.

BUSH: And he did okay, I hope?

CAMERON: They put him in with 13-year-olds.

BUSH: Eww.

CAMERON: Who beat the hell out of him. So I had to take the day off.

BUSH: Physically?

CAMERON: Well, they didn't like the snot-nose 10-year-old.

BUSH: I mean, not beating.

CAMERON: Elbows.

BUSH: Yeah, that's okay.

BUSH: But is he ... Did he hold his own?

CAMERON: He wanted to quit at the end of Monday.

BUSH: Yeah.

CAMERON: So I had to go up there yesterday and sort of couch him off the tree. And have him say, look you know this is what it's about. Think of Alan Iverson, think of Larry Bird.

BUSH: The fact that he's there is amazing, though, for the 13-year-olds kids.

CAMERON: I played a lot in high school and college.

BUSH: Did you really?

CAMERON: Oh yeah.

BUSH: Did you have any moves?

CAMERON: I was, I was nominated for All-American.

BUSH: Oh come on!

CAMERON: Didn't make it.

BUSH: Camerones! You were?

CAMERON: Absolutely.

BUSH: Fabulous! Hehe.

CAMERON: My high school coach was the, went on to be the assistant coach under Tommy Hineson for the Celtics.

BUSH: Really?


BUSH: And where was this?

CAMERON: Melrose, Massachusetts. Just south of the New Hampshire border.

BUSH: Sure, I know Melrose.

CAMERON: So was...

BUSH: And you played college basketball?


BUSH: Did you really?

CAMERON: Well, well Division 2.

BUSH: That's okay, but still.

CAMERON: Oh yeah, I was...

BUSH: Where was this?

CAMERON: Bates College.

BUSH: Sure, I know Bates.

CAMERON: I was uh, well, Lewiston, just north of Kennebunkport.

BUSH: Sure, I know Bates. Bates is a fabulous school. No, I know Bates. It's a great school.

CAMERON: No, I was a hit man.

BUSH: You were the Tommy Hineson. Jim Luskatoff.

CAMERON: I was enforcer, that's right. Exactly. Alright, you guys ready? Alright.

BUSH: That's great.

CAMERON: Here we go, Governor. You see, the little things that get disclosed.

BUSH: I like that.

CAMERON: Thank you for joining us, sir.

BUSH: Yes, sir. Thanks, Carl. It's good to see you again.

CAMERON: Just a few days away from the convention now, how important is it to you, what premium price do you put on a harmonious convention, and why?

BUSH: Well, this is an event, a big event in the course of a long campaign. You and I have been through several of them...

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