Savage: Kerry has "committed sedition," "should be immediately shackled and arrested"


On his September 17 radio show, host Michael Savage called Senator John Kerry "a clear and present danger to the survival of America" who has "committed sedition," for which Kerry "should be immediately shackled and arrested." Savage accused Kerry of giving away "some intelligence to Osama bin Laden" in a September 17 campaign speech in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in which Kerry said, "He [Bush] won't tell us what congressional leaders are now saying, that this administration is planning yet another substantial call-up of reservists and Guard units immediately after the election."

According to a September 18 Associated Press report, Representative John Murtha (D-PA), ranking member on the U.S. House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, said that he had learned -- through conversations with Pentagon officials -- that "the Bush administration plans to call up large numbers of the military Guard and Reserves" beginning in November. The AP also reported that a Pentagon spokesman said: "There is no force increase that is expected."

From the September 17 broadcast of Savage Nation:

SAVAGE: Kerry accuses the president of -- he says Bush is gonna bring up the National Guard in great numbers after the election. Now, let us say that is true. Let us say for a moment that Kerry has learned this through friends on [congressional] intelligence committees.


SAVAGE: So thank you John Kerry, you've just given away some intelligence to Osama bin Laden. Good job, John.


SAVAGE: Let's stop already mincing words: This guy [Kerry] is a clear and present danger to the survival of America. Accusing the president of gonna [sic] call up more troops after the election? Wow, what an intelligence coup Osama bin Laden just got. Thanks, John. Unbelievable to me. Just unbelievable to me.


SAVAGE: So John Scary gives away troop movements; he knows about intelligence reports, and he gives them away during an election campaign. It's called sedition. In my world it is. The man should be immediately shackled and arrested. That's -- I think he's committed sedition. That's what I think.

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