BBC's Katty Kay: "[T]here's still bad news from Iraq, but it's not Americans being killed"


In an attempt to support her argument that Senator John Kerry is "not doing so well" in the presidential campaign, BBC News correspondent Katty Kay falsely claimed on the September 5 edition of NBC's The Chris Matthews Show: "[T]here's still bad news from Iraq, but it's not Americans being killed."

According to a CNN tally, out of the 1,002 American soldiers who have died in Iraq (as of September 7), more died in 2004 than in 2003 -- including nearly twice as many in August 2004 (67) as in August 2003 (36).

As The Washington Post reported on September 7, the death toll continues to rise: "Sunni insurgents and Shiite militiamen mounted a brazen series of attacks on U.S. soldiers across Baghdad on Monday night [September 6] and Tuesday morning [September 7] that raised the U.S. military's two-day death toll to 13 and illustrated the grave dangers that continue to confront American forces in the Iraqi capital."

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