Gingrich said it would be "really silly" to say we could "win the war on terror"; Bush has said just that


FOX News Channel contributor and former Republican speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Senator John Kerry would be "really silly" to argue that he could "win the war on terror." But President George W. Bush made precisely that claim just one month before he contradicted himself on August 30, saying, "I don't think you can win it."

On the August 30 edition of FOX News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, which aired live from the Republican National Convention, co-host Alan Colmes asked Gingrich about Bush's remark that the war on terror is not winnable. Gingrich said, "I'm sure you're going to have John Kerry, if he's not careful, saying something really silly, which is that he'd win the war on terror." Yet, as Media Matters for America has noted, it was Bush who said on July 30: "We have a clear vision on how to win the war on terror and bring peace to the world.

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