Levin on MMFA : "We're going to monitor these boys and girls over there"


On the August 17 broadcast of his nightly WABC radio show, host and Landmark Legal Foundation president Mark R. Levin announced that he plans to monitor Media Matters for America. Levin also remarked that that MMFA President and CEO David Brock is "a nice guy" who "obviously flipped out."

From the August 17 edition of Levin's WABC radio show:

LEVIN: By the way, folks, we're gonna keep an eye on all these lib organizations and who's funding them, and if they won't tell us, we will ask them. Media Matters for America[www.mediamatters].org, I'd like to know who funds them. We know George Soros is one of them. It's basically a front group for John Kerry. If you go to their website -- only attacks conservatives, only attacks Republicans. I urge you to go there and look. And they distort what people say. We're going to start our own monitoring system and we're going to monitor them. I know David Brock, who used to, who runs that group. He used to come into my office and ask me for information, which I happily gave him. Was a nice guy, and he obviously flipped out. Everybody's a liar and he's gonna monitor everybody, even though he said he was a liar. Exactly. We're going to monitor these boys and girls over there.

Media Matters for America is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, unaffiliated with the Kerry-Edwards '04 campaign. While Levin took issue with MMFA, a self-identified progressive organization, for "only attack[ing] conservatives, only attack[ing] Republicans," Levin just the day before "admitted upfront" during his program: "I'm unfair and unbalanced." MMFA appreciates Levin's recommendation to his listeners to visit www.mediamatters.org, and we welcome his interest in monitoring our website.

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