Carlson to Brazile: Dems "keep track of racial data more assiduously than Himmler ever did"


Responding to reports that the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign asked the Arizona Daily Star for the race of a staff photographer assigned to cover one of its rallies, CNN Crossfire co-host Tucker Carlson compared Democratic efforts to keep track of racial data to those practiced by Heinrich Himmler, Nazi Germany's Gestapo head and SS chief.

On the August 3 edition of Crossfire, guest co-host and former Gore-Lieberman campaign manager Donna Brazile said of the original Arizona Daily Star report, "It's a shame the Bush-Cheney team did not get the memo that racial profiling is wrong and we ended it more than four years ago." Carlson retorted, "I'm interested to hear that, because it's Democrats who keep track of racial data more assiduously than Himmler ever did. I'm totally for abolishing all of it."

According to an August 3 report in the Arizona Daily Star, the U.S. Secret Service said that its request for the photographer's race was for security purposes, not racial profiling.

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